Is My Ex Boyfriend Watching My Social Media?

Most of the relationships end due to something bad, which leaves sad memories for both of you. Breaking up is hard but breaking up with and leaving your partner with a smile on your face is even harder. Of course, if that smile was due to the happy ending and not that you did get revenge or something worse. But what if after a few weeks you ask yourself “Is my ex boyfriend watching my social media?”, or “Can it be dangerous for my future?”, or “Can I make mad my ex boyfriend publishing images of a new boyfriend?”. Those and many other questions we will answer in this article.

We’ve done the research for you by looking for possible polls and studies that are related to this topic, and now we will give you the most accurate answer. Mos

t studies and polls show that your boyfriend is most likely watching your social media even after a few years, but sometimes when your relationship was insignificant to him then he will forget about you immediately after a breakup.

Did my ex boyfriend forget about me already?

If you are already in your 20s then there is a high chance that you have been in many relationships, and some of your ex boyfriends you remember well but some of them you totally removed from your memories.

Did my ex boyfriend forget about me already?
Did my ex boyfriend forget about me already?

Those guys who you already forgot about, you probably didn’t even bother to remember. All women don’t remember all of their ex boyfriends, which is a totally normal thing when your bond with a guy is weak then it’s not worth remembering.

It’s not only related to women, but in men, it works similarly. So if you think that your bond was strong enough and the emotions after that breakup are still in your mind then there is a high chance that you both are watching each other social media.

If you are posting a lot on your social media like Instagram or TikTok, then that chance of being stalked is even higher. Try to remember if your ex often watched other girls who he knows in real life on social media, then you will be sure that he is a stalker type of guy.

Why do we stalk our ex?

The emotions that are with us while we are breaking up are going to stay for a longer period of time, and those emotions will later lead us to stalk our ex. That’s a normal thing because after many long nights crying in your bed you will eventually come to an idea to check out what your ex is doing and feeling, but you can’t ask him directly, and that’s why we are using social media to get the information.

Why do we stalk our ex?
Why do we stalk our ex?

Studies have shown that more often girls are becoming “stalkers” after a breakup, men tend to forget about it quicker. That is due to the fact that

g>women tend to spend more time watching social media than men, so it’s not that obvious for them to jump into social media to get information about their ex girlfriends.

Can it be dangerous for my future?

Being a stalker is a bad thing because you already told yourself that you don’t want to deal with each other ever again (At least most relationships end this wa

y). So if you don’t want to deal with each other then why you are still looking at the social media of past boyfriends and girlfriends?

It’s not that easy to end the big chapter of our lives in a matter of days, that’s just how it works so don’t expect to forget about your relationship completely after a week. It takes time especially if it was a very emotional ending.

Being a stalker on the internet is considered to be bad by society, but being a stalker in real life is even worse. People don’t want to be followed by some strange guys or girls, so if you have any proof that you are being stalked in real life then you should call 911 to get help because that can be a life-threatening situation.

You don’t know what’s inside other people’s minds but they are following you that is a very bad sign, and you should be worried, so call for help!

Is my ex boyfriend watching my social media?

Can I make mad my ex boyfriend publishing images of a new boyfriend?

Your ex boyfriend will probably get mad after finding out that you are dating a new boyfriend, but people know about this method due to its popularity. Don’t look for another boyfriend just to make your ex feel bad… You should be way above that.

This way you will make 2 people sad and hurting anyone purposely is a very sad thing. Your ex and new boyfriend will be hurt, so remember that you need to be responsible for your actions, and publishing images to hurt other people is an act of rudeness.

In summary – Is my ex boyfriend watching my social media?

We can assure you that most ex boyfriends are watching your social media shortly after an emotional breakup, but we can bet that you are watching his too, so that goes both ways.

Even if he is watching your social media you should not let yourself post pictures that are meant to hurt him, because that will make you a bad person, and hurting ot

hers is not funny! If you still have some emotions that are related to your past relationship then you should read our new article about this topic “Should I Believe In Love After Burnout?“.

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