Are Long-Distance Relationships Getting More Popular? (2022 Study)

In the past 4 months, we did a lot of public interviews and researched many sources that will let us decide if long-distance relationships are getting more popular. Because that is the question that makes us all confused, and no one can give a certain answer to this question.

So we as a team of people who are involved in helping others in terms of relationships and also that are involved in love culture since we were little, would like to

give you all the proper answers that are related to this topic. But let’s get back to the beginning to help you understand what drives us to make this case study.

Our team recently decided to do something that will make us all proud of our work, so we spend a few days thinking about what should we write about to make our audience more informed about the topic that we all here love which is helping others in their relationships. It is perfect when you can help others and leave those valuable guides for future generations to come.

So we decided to ask people who are involved in studying long-distance relationships because they are most likely going to help us create a great case study based on a certain question which is “Are long-distance relationships getting more popular?”. We even decided to visit a few popular dating spots in Los Angeles, also recently we visited dating events in New York to ask some of our questions, we even asked people who we have met in popular city parks to make our data more accurate.

That’s why here in this article, we will gather all of the information that we were able to find all over the internet about long-distance relationships’ popularity, and also about long-distance dating. We involved some minor dating communities to make our statistics more clear, so we are all set, and let’s decide once and for all if long-distance relationships are getting more popular. We will get into the details later down in the text.

What do people say about long-distance relationships’ popularity?

A lot of people have been doing long-distance dating and even people who have been in a long-distance relationship think that it is growing in popularity, but is that true? We did some research all over the internet to find out what people are saying about those topics. Here are some most frequent reasons that people provide when answering the question “What do people say about long-distance relationships’ popularity“:

  • Online dating builds self-esteem
  • Online communication builds trust
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  • Time together spend more efficiently
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Those answers above are mostly right, but sometimes they miss something important that is often not enough to make this relationship stable. Of course, you can try again because there are a lot of dating portals, but there are a large group of people who don’t know that those portals even exist, but more on that later.

Let’s try to describe shortly why people say that. Couples in a long-distance relationship must share their thoughts and feelings with each other frequently to make the relationship work. This communication builds trust and strengthens the bond between the two people involved.

Another advantage of long-distance relationships is that they can be very exciting. Since the couple is not able to see each other often, they tend to make the most of their time together when they are finally able to be in each other’s company. This leads to a more passionate relationship. Additionally, being apart from each other often makes the couple appreciate each other more. They will often miss each other’s company and look forward to spending time together again.

What is the origin of long-distance relationships?

There is no one answer to the question of where long-distance relationships come from. Some couples may find themselves in a long-distance relationship due to circumstances, such as a job transfer or military deployment. Other couples may choose to be in a long-distance relationship because they cannot be together physically for whatever reason.

Whatever the case may be, there are some things that couples in a long-distance relationship need to keep in mind. First and foremost, communication is key. Couples need to make sure they are talking often, whether it’s through text messages, phone calls, or video chats. It’s also important to set aside time to be together, even if it’s just for a Skype call.

Finally, don’t forget about yourself. Make sure you are taking care of yourself both emotionally and physically. Let’s for a second talk about a very important thing that is related to long-distance relationships and can cause a lot of controversies and speculations.

Who cheats more in a long-distance relationship?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, there are a few things to consider when answering it. For example, if you are asking which gender is more lik

ely to cheat in a long-distance relationship, the answer may be different depending on the couple.

Some people may argue that women are more likely to cheat in a long-distance relationship because they often feel neglected and lonely. Others may say that men are more likely to cheat because they have a desire for higher levels and find it easier to flirt with other women online or in person.

Another factor that could influence whether someone cheats in a long-distance relationship is how committed they are to the relationship. A quick talk about cheating is important to understand the data that we will be summarizing next.

Do people use Google to search for long-distance relationships?

How can we decide if something is getting popular without checking it on Google? It is the fastest way to get the most relevant data about what’s currently trending all around the world. In 2022 Google is one of the best sources of information, and that’s why we decided to spend a lot of time debating the data from Google Trends.

Just typing into Google “Are long-distance relationships still popular” can give you mixed opinions about this, that’s why the Google team created something called Google trends where you can check how popular a certain term was in the past, and here we will compare it with our data.

Unfortunately but data was gathered only from the beginning of 2004 up to the day where this article is created and we have no further data about the exact term “long-distance relationships”. The Internet is a great thing but the data from search engines was collected not that long ago. Also, you have to be aware that the internet is still a pretty new invention. Here below we put a graph from Google trends that show you how the exact term “long-distance relationship” was searched by people for almost 20 years.

long-distance relationships getting more popular - Google Trends
long-distance relationships getting more popular – Google Trends

The above graph is based not only on a single term “long-distance relationship” but on every search term that involves this single phrase, so for example when an ordinary user types in the term “Are long-distance relationships still possible in 2022?” it also counts as a single hit for the term “long-distance relationship”.

We can see on the graph that the trendline is slowly going upward, but that upwards trend started only recently in 2020, but before that, we had about 10 years of a flat trendline. We could even see the highest historical peak in 2004, but after many hours of researching, we could not find what could be the true cause of it. We suspect that people when the era of the internet started they quickly wanted to chat with other people who live far away from their own place of living.

If we would be able to look more at the past then this could be even higher and could clarify what was the cause of it. The growth is not increasing very fast, but we can notice small periods of time when the trend is going to 0.

We can expect the trendline to continue going upwards, which means that this term is slowly getting more attention from people. It is worth mentioning that this chart is based on worldwide searches and not only in the US.

One thing is certain according to Google’s trendline, the “long-distance relationship” term is getting more searches now than it was in the past 10 years and that’s caused by the increasing average time spent on the internet by a regular person.

online dating - Google Trends
online dating – Google Trends

Here is also a graph that represents the term “online dating” which is often used for similar searches to a “long-distance relationship”, but in reality, those are totally separate things. Online dating has its peak in 2006 and 2007 when people from Africa started to visit the internet more often, so the increased volume of searches is increased by it. Overall the trend of online dating is slowly going downward for worldwide searches.

The above charts are based on the whole world searches and not only on the US. If we compare them we can easily see that the term “long-distance relationship” looks very similar for the US searches and worldwide searches.

Long-distance relationships getting more popular in The United States – Google Trends
Long-distance relationships getting more popular in The United States – Google Trends

Here is a trend line based on only the US searches and as we can see it is very similar to the one based on worldwide searches. For most of us reading this article it is great that people from the whole world are starting to see something positive about relationships that are possible without seeing each other too often.

Do long-distance relationships usually last?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some couples who are in a long-distance relationship are able to make it work, while others eventually break up. A lot of it has to do with the couple’s ability to communicate effectively and their level of commitment to making the relationship work.

If both partners are committed to the relationship and are willing to make the necessary effort, then there is a good chance that the relationship will last. However, if one or both partners are not really committed or are not willing to put in the effort, then the relationship is likely to fail. Often even after many years, those couples can fall apart due to some simple quarrels.

One thing that can help a long-distance relationship last is having regular communication with each other. This includes talking on the phone, sending emails or text messages, and Skyping or FaceTiming each other. After all of that, we have to get back to what’s important and that is the popularity of long-distance relationships.

Do people think that long-distance relationships are getting less attention in 2022?

We did not limit ourselves to the work of other people and that’s why we also added a poll with specific questions to the sidebar of our site for a couple of days, and we did that to ask our viewers about this topic. Here we will put specific questions that we have asked in our poll and percentages of specific answers to compare them.

Unfortunately, the poll is no longer available because we gathered all the data that we needed for this article, and instead, we have placed a new poll for another study, so if you would like to help us out then check out the current poll in the meantime, but more on that in the future. Let’s get back to “popularity” questions about long-distance relationships.

Our audience is often experienced in various types of relationships, and that’s why it is perfect to answer those questions. We did ask 5 questions. The first question was “How old are you?“, to let ourselves compare it with others.

The second question was “Do you think that long-distance relationships are getting more popular?“. This a simple question to get us information about a person’s opinion about the popularity of this type of relationship.

The third and fourth questions are connected with each other because they provide us with information about people who have been in this kind of relationship, so they were as follows “Have you ever been in a long time relationship?“, and “Did your long-time relationships succeed?“. The fifth and final question was “How many people do you know that have been in a long-time relationship?

Here is the table with comparisons of our data, we have split it based on the experience of a certain group of people. And also we have rounded the numbers in it to don’t get our audience too confused while they were answering those questions.

How old are you?Do you think that long-distance relationships are getting more popular?Have you ever been in a long time relationship?Did your long-time relationships succeed?How many people do you know that have been in a long-time relationship?
Less than 18 years oldThis type of relationship is getting less popularMostly yesNoAround 5
18 – 24 years oldThis type of relationship is getting less popularMostly yesNoAround 20
25 – 34 years oldThis type of relationship is getting less popularMostly yesNoAround 10
35 – 44 years oldThis type of relationship is getting more popularMostly yesYesAround 10
45 – 54 years oldThis type of relationship is getting more popularMostly noNoAround 5
55 years old and moreThis type of relationship is getting more popularMostly noNoAround 3
Long-distance relationships poll

As you can see in the table above we have the data gathered from people with rounded answers. After many hours of diagnosing the data, we have come to the following conclusions.

The first thing that is very clear is that people who are above 35 years old said that this type of relationship is getting more popular, on the other hand, young people and also people said that it is losing popularity. but why is that? Should it not be the opposite? We suspect that older people think about it as a bad thing but still, they consider it new normality. They also on average have not tried it before.

Younger people have experienced a long-distance relationship at least once on average, which gives them some experience in this type of relationship, but unfortunately, it did not succeed in the end. We have to be aware that most relationships in the whole world are going to fall apart, and it is covered by studies that you can check out here “Is It Normal To Breakup After A Month? – (2022 Studies)“. So that means that not only long-distance relationships are not very likely to succeed but also normal relationships.

Another important thing that we have noticed is that the group between 35 and 44 years old said that they had experience in this manner and also that they manage to succeed in it. Maybe it is related to the charts from Google Trends which showed us that in 2004 online dating and this type of relationship were very popular.

The most important thing is that younger people said that know a lot of people who have been in a long-distance relationship, and this number goes lower with the age of the person who we have asked, which means that younger people are interested in this topic. This is proof that long-distance relationships are getting more popular over time.

Let’s summarize this up – Are Long-Distance Relationships Getting More Popular?

The answer is not that simple but let’s draw some conclusions at the end, by connecting the dots that we have pointed out above. We will base our summary on the aspects of our study:

  • What Google Trends graph looks like for the past almost 20 years
  • What people tend to say on the internet forums
  • The poll posted on our site about relationships

The most important here in our opinion is Google’s data because it is based on the largest amount of people from all over the internet. But overall long-distance relationships getting more popular each year is a fact. It was proven by Google’s data, and also by our poll. Even people over the internet are very positive about its future.

The speed of the uptrend looks very healthy, and it doesn’t seem to stop growing in the next year. No one can be 100% sure what the future will show us. But relationships are not going to fade away just like that because people want to be loved and love back. It won’t change in the future that easily.

Technology helps us get better results in a shorter period of time with a lot more methods, so why not try to use them? Maybe one of the future influencers will make it even more famous than it is today because in 2022 a lot of trends are driven by influencers from TikTok, Instagram, and many more different social media.

It’s important to acknowledge that many people prefer to have a long-distance relationship over a normal, regular relationship, and there is nothing wrong with it. So if you prefer to have that type of relationship then we have a great article about long-distance relationships that will answer some of your most popular questions “Are Long Distance Relationships Healthy? – (Tips To Improve It)“.

We hope that now you are able to answer the question from the article’s topic “Are long-distance relationships getting more popular?” based on our study, if you have any questions then put them in the comments section down below the article.

How do long-distance relationships work?

Long-distance relationships are not for the faint of heart. They require a lot of trust, communication, and planning. But if you and your partner are willing to put in the work, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here’s how to make it work.

Talk about your expectations.
Before you even start a long-distance relationship, you need to sit down with your partner and talk about what you both expect from the relationship. Are you going to see each other every weekend? Once a month? What kind of communication will you have when you’re apart? Be as specific as possible so there are no surprises later on.

Set aside time for each other.
It’s important to set aside time specifically for each other, even if it’s just an hour or two a week.

What are the benefits of long-distance relationships?

Though often viewed in a negative light, long-distance relationships can be quite beneficial for couples. For one, distance can make the heart grow fonder. Couples in long-distance relationships often appreciate each other more and are more eager to reunite than those who see each other on a daily basis.
Another benefit of long-distance relationships is that they can help you learn more about yourself and your partner.

Without the distraction of physical intimacy, you are forced to communicate more openly and honestly with each other, which can lead to a deeper understanding of one another.

Lastly, long-distance relationships can actually make your relationship stronger. Couples who have to work hard to maintain their relationship often have a stronger bond as a result.

How do you maintain a long-distance relationship?

Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be difficult, but there are ways to make it work. Communication is key in any relationship, but it is especially important in a long-distance relationship. You and your partner need to be able to talk about your feelings and what you expect from the relationship.

It is also important to have trust in your partner. If you don’t trust each other, the relationship will not be able to survive. It is also important to keep the lines of communication open and honest. You need to be able to tell your partner what you are thinking and feeling, and you need to be able to listen to what they have to say as well.

There are many challenges that come with maintaining a long-distance relationship, but it is possible to make it work if you are willing to put in the effort.

What are some common challenges of long-distance relationships?

What are some common challenges of long-distance relationships?
Long-distance relationships come with their own unique set of challenges, which can often be difficult to navigate. Here are some of the most common challenges faced by those in long-distance relationships:

Communication difficulties: When you’re not able to see your partner on a regular basis, it can be hard to keep the lines of communication open. You may find yourself feeling disconnected from your partner, and this can lead to arguments and misunderstandings.

Trust issues: It can be tough to trust your partner when you’re not able to see them regularly. This can often lead to jealousy and insecurity, which can further damage the relationship.

Loneliness: One of the hardest things about being in a long-distance relationship is the loneliness that comes along with it.

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