Should I Be Afraid Of My Best Friend Stealing My Boyfriend?

Everyone has that one special person that they can trust, and tell all of their secrets. That person is called our friend and you if are very close, and treat each other like family then you can call that person your best friend, but what if after some time, your best friend starts to act a bit differently nearby your boyfriend? If you think “I’m afraid of my best friend stealing my boyfriend” Then stay with us because we will show you the data from 2022 and also we’ll give you some good tips to make things right for all of you!

Due to our research and a recent poll that we have had on our site we have to say that there is a chance that your boyfriend would be stolen by your friend

trong>. It is not as uncommon as it seems, and we will provide you with our data later in this article. For now, let’s focus on the general idea of your friend stealing your boyfriend and what are the reasons for it.

Why my friend is trying to steal my boyfriend?

The first and most important thing that led you to this situation is that your friend and boyfriend know each other, and that’s probably because you did something to make that happen or simply they know each other because that happen before even you were a couple, but no matter the reason it can’t be undone and it is 100% not your fault if you helped them to start their relationship.

It is often a slow process and even if you think that “stealing a boyfriend” happens overnight then be aware that they probably have been talking behind your back, but let’s get back to the reasons why your friend is doing that.

After some time your friend is starting to feel something towards your boyfriend. Every meeting that you are doing in three is making your friend more likely to steal your boyfriend.

Should I be afraid of my best friend stealing my boyfriend?
Should I be afraid of my best friend stealing my boyfriend?

Most likely your friend is not doing it due to some idea of revenge on you, but more likely due to natural emotions. You can even think that your boyfriend is that good that makes other girls fall in love with him quickly, so it is a good and a bad sign.

How probable it is for my friend to steal my boyfriend?

We recently added a poll about this topic to our site, where we asked you if that ever happened to you. There were 3 possible answers to the question “Did your friend ever try to steal your boyfriend?” and the answers with percentages are as follows:

  • My friend tried to steal my boyfriend: 19,7%
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  • My friend never tried to steal my boyfriend: 76,9%
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  • My friend succeeds to steal my boyfriend: 3.4%

As you can see there are more people who didn’t have to face this issue, but some who did are in minority and the chances of succeeding in the attempt to date your boyfriend for your friend is very unlikely.

You have to know that your boyfriend knows that dating your best friend can be very painful for you, so that will confirm our poll’s results. Also, the numbers can be a bit skewed because people often misinterpret facts, and a person who had to face this issue is more likely to vote in that kind of poll rather than a person who never thought about it too much.

Most of the time you are able to see that they are acting too friendly with each other at your meetings.

How to prevent my friend from stealing my boyfriend?

You need to think about who is really forcing this situation, is it your friend or a boyfriend? Only you can know the real answer to that question based on your experience. If the fact is that they have been texting each other then you have to think about who started it and who is only trying to be nice.

The best possible way to solve this kind of issue is by simple talk. They are both people who you should be able to trust, and they also should tell you about this issue. Note that at least one of them will be able to put some light on this situation, and the second will try to neglect this and skip the conversation.

If your best friend and boyfriend truly trust you then they will tell you about it immediately after you asked them. If you don’t want to ask them directly then

you should limit the time you are spending in three.

In summary – Should I be afraid of my best friend stealing my boyfriend?

As you could see in our poll there is a chance that your friend would steal your boyfriend, but the best possible way to prevent that is by talking with both of them because sometimes you can see that they are too friendly with each other. Don’t lose hope because most of the time their relationship will end up quickly according to our poll.

If you really struggle to sleep because of this issue then you should talk with both of them about it. We also recently have posted a great article that will give you more answers, if you are still not sure what you should do, so make sure to check out this article “What Should I Do When My Best Friend Likes My Boyfriend?“.

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