My Boyfriend Is Irresponsible With Money – (7 Tips To Fix It)

Everyone has a friend that has some issues with their savings, like spending too much money, but what if that person is someone close to you like your boyfriend? Many women have this issue nowadays and say the same thing “my boyfriend is irresponsible with money”, but how can we help him with this problem?

If your boyfriend is irresponsible with money then the first thing that you should try is to talk about it with him, that’s the easiest solution.

g> Try to explain to him what are better ways to spend money, that you need to have some savings to fulfill your future goals and also savings in an emergency if something bad happened in the future to have some spare money to pay for a healing process or some kind of replacement for your car or computer and maybe as a cover for a job dismissal.

my boyfriend is irresponsible with money

How to convince your boyfriend to save money

You can talk about your common plans, and that will need both of you to save some money, that can be one way to show your boyfriend how important is to save money. There are many other ways that you can show him how important is to save money:

  • Unpredicted expenses – When you live on your own, you will sometimes have unpredicted expenses like a broken washing machine, and that is important to have, so you will need to buy a new one or fix an old one.
  • Saving for your dreams – How can you fulfill your dreams if you don’t have money for them? If you won’t save any money then you can’t even start to think about your dreams, that’s what will hold you back.
  • Starting a business – Maybe you would like to start your own business to make your income bigger, but how can you do that without any savings? That’s a great plan but to start something that huge like your own business you will need to learn the value of saving money for the future.
  • Buy an inspiring economy book – There are plenty of great books that can inspire anyone to do something great with money, books from well-known successful people, like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, their biographies are great, and should give anyone the motivation need to change the way of looking at money.
  • Saving money makes you sleep well – If you know that you have some money left you will be less stressed about life, because you will always have some money lef
    t for the worst-case scenario, and that will make you feel less stressed.
  • Unpredicted injury – Let’s something bad happens on one of their cycling journeys like he will break his arm, that way he won’t be able to work for
    a few months, and you won’t have that money income, so saved money will help you during that recovery time for a broken arm.
  • Lower the expenses – Often the problem is in the expenses that are just too big for your budget, like junk food, addictions, or unnecessary things bought. Think what are the easiest things to push aside, and slowly try to avoid them. Lowering your expenses is the easiest path to increasing your savings.

If you try one of the above, make sure to have a serious conversation and show him how important it is, to have at least some money for the future.

How much should we save for our future?

It depends on your needs, if you want to build a house in near future then you will need to save a lot more than if you want to just have some savings for holidays.

how much should we save for our future

It can be a bit scary for many but you should have at least savings to live without any income for 6 months, that is what should make you feel safe. You won’t be scared of losing a job and figuring out how to pay a loan or apartment rent. It can be a lot for many but that is how it should look, preferably if you have more than that. FinancialSamurai has a great article about this topic and the exact calculator for “how much should I have savings” for specific age ranges, if you want to know the money you should have in your portfolio right now.

Sum up all of your monthly expenses then check how many months you can afford right now without your job, if both of you work then add both of your salaries and expenses. 2021 is a weird year, but everyone is scared of losing a job because they have kids, loans, and apartment rent to pay, that’s why they can’t afford to decrease their income, so it’s better to start sooner than later to save any money for the future.

Try to increase your salary

What to do when my boyfriend is irresponsible with money? Just increase your salary! It’s not that easy but always worth trying, how long has it been since you had a raise in salary? If it was more than half a year ago then you have a high chance to get one! That way you and your boyfriend will have additional money, and if your expenses stay at the same level then you will save some money. But it’s important to not increase the expenses, because if that goes up then your financial situation will still be bad. So talk with your boyfriend first!

In summary – My boyfriend is irresponsible with money

Many of us underestimate that big problem. Being irresponsible with money shows a foolish approach, it’s not the worst, but it can lead to something really bad,

that is why you as his girlfriend are obligated to show him the right way! Use our advice to help him until it’s not too late. The best will be to show your boyfriend the benefits and the consequences of being irresponsible with money.

Being a responsible lady in a relationship is hard, but you should be the one that can guide him to make the right decisions! We wish you both the best of luck in your new responsible path.

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