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Every woman wants to have his boyfriend for herself and for as long as they need. Often the time that your boyfriend has for you is way shorter than you want and need that’s why many of us ask “My boyfriend seeing me once a week, is that normal?”. So here we are to tell you more about it. Why men don’t have enough time for their girlfriends? How can I make him spend more time with me? And many others.

The most simple and common reason why your boyfriend is seeing you only once a week is that you don’t have much to do like common interests, common hobbies, or common topics to talk about. That’s the main reason we’ve got by doing our research on the internet and from consultations with our Psychologist Catlin Brown, so stay with us for detail have you can improve your relationship!

My Boyfriend Seeing Me Once A Week
My boyfriend seeing me once a week

Why men don’t have enough time for their girlfriends?

To understand why men don’t want to spend enough time with their girlfriends we need to get back to basics. Men tend to follow simple logic, so if they don’t know that they will have a good time with you at the moment then they will avoid seeing you.

So the better you will spend your time together the faster he will want to see you. Let’s take for example your friends. There are some of your friends that you are fine seeing once a month or even less, but you can’t imagine your life without your best friend, and in this case, it’s very similar to your issues with your boyfriend.

If your boyfriend will see that you have a lot of things that you can do together like jogging, cycling or some sort of hobby, then he will know that it won’t be boring to meet with you because there will be a lot of topics that you can talk about, and some wild stuff that you can do together.

Why men don't have enough time for their girlfriends?
Why men don’t have enough time for their girlfriends?

If he doesn’t want to spend more time with you than once a week, then it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore, so don’t panic. He just knows that if it will be boring then he would like to avoid meeting, but he still does love you. You just need to find things that can strengthen your bond.

It takes time to build a successful relationship and you both should try to make yours better every single day.

How can I make him spend more time with me?

If you really want to spend more time with your boyfriend and he doesn’t want to, then you need to find something that can make him want to meet you more for example:

  • Find what his interests are and suggest to do that – Maybe he’s into cars like many men are, then you can find the nearest car festivals and invite him to see it together, or to watch movies based on cars.
  • Things that can connect you – Try to ask him about things that you like and what is his opinion about them. Because maybe you like a specific sport or a thing that he would gladly try out. (ex.: BoulderingPhysiotherapy)
  • Watching movies – It’s the easiest thing on the list so we highly recommend you try it out. Ask him what’s is his favorite genre of a movie, and if you both like it then you should find a movie and watch it in the cinema or on Netflix.
  • Tell him your story – The problem is that you don’t know enough about yourself to find a thing that can connect you, so try to ask about his past also then you will discover a lot of new things to talk about and many activities to try out together.

Remember that you should not force yourself to do any of the above if you don’t like them because a relationship based on forces activities is meaningless.

How can I make him spend more time with me?
How can I make him spend more time with me?

The list above represents the generic ways that should lead you to the best solution possible, because only you know what’s your current situation with your relationship, and only you and your boyfriend can improve it!

In conclusion – My boyfriend seeing me once a week is that a bad sign?

It’s is slightly a bad sign but it shows you something important. That important thing is that you don’t have enough things that can connect you, not enough topics to talk about, but don’t worry because there is a lot of things that you still don’t know about him and he about you. Discovering those hidden things can make your relationship stronger than it was before.

It also can be fun to learn new things about your partner, so you should try to reveal what’s your story and that will give you a lot of ideas to talk about in the future!