My Boyfriend Spoiled His Ex But Not Me – (Is That A Red Flag?)

Do you have that feeling that your boyfriend is not giving you much attention? Many of us do think this way but it’s not always true, but what if you have a boyfriend that spoiled his ex but he’s totally different in your case. It can be totally hard to understand to even think about it because that thought “My boyfriend spoiled his ex but not me” can lead to many questions like are you worse than his ex? Don’t worry, we will explain it to you in detail.

Are you sure that your boyfriend spoiled his ex? Maybe you just heard some rumors from someone, in that case, remember that rumors tend to be fake, but still, your be

st solution to that will be to think about what you expect from your boyfriend then talk to him and try to explain your perspective. We know it can be hard but try to avoid any quarrel, and tell him what you have in mind. Avoid quarrels and explaining can be very difficult especially if your relationship is still young, in that case, stay with us to learn more about it.

My boyfriend spoiled his ex but not me
My boyfriend spoiled his ex but not me

If you are currently checking how many likes do you have on tinder to break up with your current boyfriend then calm down a bit and let us show you what you can to fix that issue in your relationship.

Should your boyfriend spoil you?

Maybe this idea so totally wrong, and your boyfriend has finally realized after he left his ex that spoiling his girlfriends is totally wrong in his opinion. Just think about, if he spoiled her to that level that anyone around can see it, why doesn’t he do something similar with you? Maybe he realized that it was a bad choice… they break up after all so. And now he doesn’t want to do that mistake.

Maybe you have got it totally wrong and he didn’t spoil her that much? And you exaggerate, so try to ask someone who knew him when he was still with her, and ask if he really did spoil her.

Maybe he shouldn’t spoil any girl?

The idea of spoiling from only one side of the relationship is wrong, remember that you both should be equal when it comes to hierarchy, and when he’s doing something for you, then you should also try to do something for him, that’s how it should work.

If your relationship is not based on “how many likes you can get on Instagram” then we can talk like adults. If one of you is above the other one then your relationship can fall apart very quickly, so it’s necessary to talk about problems, and if your current problem is “my boyfriend spoiled his ex but not me” then tell him that and talk about it. Maybe you’re being jealous for a good reason but you need to show your perspective to him, and that’s how adults should deal with problems. Don’t hide them, just talk them over.

Women should not be submissive, you both should be equal

in a relationship, that will let you chase your dreams like starting a business together or even buying that dream cat of yours.

spoil her

Avoiding quarrels in relationship

When you have a boyfriend who has a short temperament and quickly gets upset, then it’s not easy to have a calm and efficient conversation, or maybe you have a

short temperament, any way you should think about what you have to say before anyone gets angry and the conversation will become a quarrel. We also have a big article about “Is it normal to argue with your boyfriend” where we explain in detail how to prevent it and tips on how to deal with it.

While being older you and your boyfriend will start to see what’s important, and that should also make you argue a lot less often.

In conclusion – My boyfriend spoiled his ex but not me

When you have a boyfriend you should not hide any problems from him, and talking is a great way to solve that problem, maybe your point of view is totally different from his, and he doesn’t see things this way, so show him where exactly is the problem, but avoid any quarrels that will make things worse.

If you can’t trust your boyfriend then who you can? Don’t be scared and try to talk about your problems, and solve that issue together. Try to use some of our advice from above, but think what you have to say before you do that, to prevent arguing.

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