My Boyfriend Works But Never Has Money – (What Does It Mean?)

Did it ever happen to you that when you ask your boyfriend he never has money? It can be a problem especially if you know that he has a job and works a lot, so he should have some money right? That problem can be more complicated than just “having money”, so if you feel related to today’s topic “My boyfriend works but never has money” then stay with us to learn more about what can be the cause? Why this problem can be more complex? and how to fix that issue?

Your boyfriend has some expenses and they are crucial in this case, so if he doesn’t have money then he must spend that money on something. Try

to think about what those things can be? Maybe you are well aware of them like purchasing gas for his car or monthly subscriptions for Netflix, internet, or apartment rent. Then try to sum those things up and if the value you get is about 80% percent of your total income then you already know the answer.

my boyfriend works but never has money
My boyfriend works but never has money

Remember that you won’t count every single penny because we tend to do about 100 purchases in a single month so you just simply won’t be able to count everything but you can make general statistics. But the problem is when your calculations are close to 10% of his total income, then he should have something right? Remember that from your perspective it can look totally different than it is in the reality so try to consult this issue with one of your friends who you trust.

What is my boyfriend spending money on?

If you are sure that he doesn’t have many expenses then “My boyfriend works but never has money” can be very difficult for you because it’s almost certain that he doesn’t tell you everything about his expenses. The easiest way is just to ask him what is your boyfriend spending money on. If you both trust each other that much the truth will be revealed, but if it’s something that he want’s to hide then it’s going to be a hard discussion.

Maybe your boyfriend has some silly expenses, like evening beer or some bad websites subscriptions, or just he’s not bothered to save some money. For that last case, we have a full article with tips for you as his girlfriend so checkout “My boyfriend is irresponsible with money” that should help both of you, but let’s get back to our topic.

Did he ever said something that can give you a hint like “he’s watching streamers” on twitch, so note that most of the twitch viewers pay their favorite streamers as an act of acknowledgment and just to help them reach their monthly goals. That was just an example but it should show you what the expenses can be and how you should look for them.

As another example, we can take additional food. Maybe he likes to buy some snacks when he’s alone because that can be expensive. When you buy a single pack of chips with soda for 3$ USD every evening for a full month that will give us around 100$ USD as a monthly additional expense. So look at small things that can add up with every day.

my boyfriend works but never has money
Prevent him from spending money

How to prevent boyfriend from spending money?

After things from the above and if you’re sure that he spends money behind your back and not telling you what is he spending money on, then you have to act. Rem

ember that if he’s the only one providing income to your relationship then he has the priority in spending that money, but if not then sit with him and prepare for an honest conversation.

Try to tell him that he’s irresponsible w

ith his money, and that hurts your relationship overall, tell him:

  • Show him why this is bad for both of you
  • Ask him why he shouldn’t hide it from you
  • Ask him what is he spending money on
  • Show him that there are better ways to spend money
  • Ask him how is he going to fix that issue

Those few tips should guide you with informative and positive conversation, also help to prevent any quarrel. That conversation is very important and note that almost all couples have that issue during their relationship, so talking about money is important to prevent any future quarrels.

In summary – My boyfriend works but never has money

Your opinion is only yours personal but the overall image can be totally different so ask your trusty friends, how does it look from your perspective, that will give

you another opinion. Maybe his income is just too small to cover your expenses, but if you’re 100% percent sure that your boyfriend is spending money on something you don’t know and hiding it from you, then the best thing you can do is to simply talk with him and try to prevent him from spending money

You’re a couple so you have to trust each other and right now you have some doubts, so you really need to talk, because if you leave it in the back of your mind then that issue will come out sometime in the future and that won’t be a pleasant experience. So try to think about everything that you want to say to prevent any quarrel and go to talk with him!

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