My Girlfriend Compares Me To Her Ex – (Is It Dangerous?)

Have you ever heard something weird from your girlfriend about his ex? Maybe it will be weird for you but about 60% of people who are in close relationships tend to avoid talking about their past relationships, so normal questions about ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend never show up. Maybe you are on that lower side of the problem and you have heard many things about her ex boyfriends, but the worst-case scenario will be if your problem is “My girlfriend compares me to her ex”.

It’s weird talking about her ex boyfriend but being compared to him is on a totally different level, and that is our topic. We will show you th

e statistics about “being compared to her ex boyfriend”, also with tips to prevent any conversation that is related to her ex boyfriend, and maybe we will make this guy disappear from your life completely, so if you want to know more and you want to free yourself from that third unwanted person in your relationship then stay with us.

How to make my girlfriend forget about her ex?
How to make my girlfriend forget about her ex?

Why is my girlfriend comparing me to her ex?

There are many reasons why she’s still doing that even after they broke up but the most common are:

  • She still has some feelings toward him
  • She thinks that he was doing something better than you do
  • She wants to make the best out of you, by showing you what she liked about her
  • She simply can’t forget about him

Those things can be summarized by the sentence “she wants you to be more like him“. That can make you angry but that’s the reality,

and maybe not everything similar to his ex, but only things that she liked about him the most.

It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because if you think about it for a moment then you will realize “why not?”. If there is something that she liked

about him then making it similarly but better than he did is going to make her forget about him faster.

Also, she’s showing you that she’s the perfect version of a boyfriend, so if you really love her then she will give you a lot of hints on how to become her dream boy. Not every comment about her ex-boyfriend is bad for your relationship, try to make the most out of it.

How to avoid conversations about her ex boyfriend?

If you feel annoyed whenever her ex boyfriend is mentioned, then we have a solution for you. It’s not easy to avoid conversations about her ex, so maybe don’t avoid them and try to lead the conversation to something good for you and your girlfriend.

For example, if she says “My ex weighed 10 pounds less than you” and for that, you can respond with “Oh maybe we’ll start to jog together and then I will be able to lose 15 pounds, is that ok for you?” As you can see, you can try to manipulate the conversation for your benefit and quickly cut off that “ex boyfriend” from it.

If you just can’t stand when she’s mentioning her ex, and you have nightmares about her ex boyfriend, or you just simply don’t want to manipulate the conversation, then you should try to have an honest conversation with her about this issue. She finally picked you over him so it should mean something. Most of our daily problems can be easily fixed with conversations but somehow we don’t things this way. Remember to avoid any quarrels, and try to show her your point of view. That should let you avoid conversations about her ex

My Girlfriend Compares Me To Her Ex
My Girlfriend Compares Me To Her Ex

How to make my girlfriend forget about her ex?

It’s not going to be a simple task but it can be done. You have to know that those many years that they have spent together won’t simply disappear just like that. It takes time, but you can boost this process by giving you both something to replace those past moments.

If they have been on a mountain journey then do something bigger than that like going camping in mountains with a romantic night together.

With things like that, you will give her beautiful things to remember which will replace the old ones that he spent with her ex boyfriend. It’s gonna be

hard and take months, or even years but if you really care about this relationship then maybe it’s worth trying. After some time you should be less compared to her ex boyfriend.

In summary – My Girlfriend Compares Me To Her Ex

If you don’t want to be compared to her ex boyfriend, then there are a few things that you can do about it. If it makes you really angry then having an honest conversation is the quickest, but if you want the best results then try to replace her memories about her ex with something greater, like going on a journey to another country, or romantic holidays, that will make her forget about her ex way faster.

If you don’t want to do any of the above then she should forget about him anyway, because when the time will pass her bond with you will be stronger, and with her ex will be weaker, so “Time heals wounds” is very accurate and can relate also to this topic. If you want to know more about Your ex then you should check out our new article “Should I Like My Ex Posts On Facebook? – (Things To Avoid)“.

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