My Girlfriend Is Always On Her Phone When We Are Together

You’re in a happy relationship, and you get along well, but sometimes you observe that your partner spends too much time on their phone. You may even wonder “my girlfriend is always on her phone when we are together”.

Aside from the fact that it can be an addiction like any other and hard to control, or just killing boredom sometimes. In this post, you will also find out what else

this situation can mean.

So if you find that my girlfriend is always on her phone when we are together. There could be many reasons for this, from simple boredom to phone addiction, or even to avoid relationship problems.

Mere boredom or maybe already an addiction

Nowadays, we cannot imagine life without the latest technology such as laptops and mobile phones. Of course, these gadgets make our daily life or work easier. However, we have to be careful, because in recent years the number of people addicted to technology is increasing. If your partner puts the smartphone next to the plate or takes it to the toilet. Even on a walk she reflexively takes it out of her pocket, it could be for various reasons. You get the feeling that her thoughts are far away, and she is just waiting to glance at the display again.

My Girlfriend Is Always On Her Phone When We Are Together
My Girlfriend Is Always On Her Phone When We Are Together

Although she will always have an excuse for her behavior, remember that you can easily become addicted to your phone. Sometimes when you realize that my girlfriend is always on her phone when we are together, it can be a sign that she is bored or hiding an emotion or problem. You need to be vigilant to discover if this is just a habit or if there is an issue that you have not paid attention to before.

Too much time on the mobile phone

If your partner spends too much time with their phone in their hand and carries it virtually everywhere, or puts it on their pillow at night, it could mean a few things. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be infidelity, so we don’t always have to check someone’s phone to look for any evidence. These situations could include:

  • She is bored, unfortunately, boredom in a relationship gets an excellent number of people, maybe it is just plain boredom that is the reason for the constant staring at the phone. Think about it, maybe it would be good to change something in your relationship, sometimes even a small thing is enough. Of course, you can also ask your partner if they would like to do something new or just propose something
  • If your partner is looking for your attention, it could be that you are not paying enough attention to your partner. Maybe you’re too busy or
    preoccupied and when your partner starts talking about something, you’re far away. Sometimes you just need to have a quiet chat and show some interest in each other.
  • A hidden problem, of course, sometimes avoiding conversation or even each other is the result of a problem. Unfortunately, instead of avoiding and p
    retending that the issue doesn’t exist, you won’t escape from it, and the situation will get even worse. If you want to change something for the better in your relationship, take care of your relationship, issues can be solved together
  • Lack of interest – if your partner prefers to look at their phone in bed instead of making love to you, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Of course, it doesn’t have to be anything serious, it’s worth asking or talking about it, maybe some things are already boring you, and you need to try new things. This is very common in relationships, if you care about your relationship try to find a solution

Phone addiction is usually born out of boredom. We reach for our mobile phones to entertain ourselves, to kill time. And there’s Facebook, funny videos, chats with friends…

All this gives us the feeling of participating in something interesting and the illusion that we’re cultivating social relations. Unfortunately, it is addictive in the long run. And in this article, you can read about why your partner may be comparing you to their exes.

Loneliness in a relationship?

Being in a relationship is all about giving it a lot of attention, but sometimes there is a feeling of loneliness. Despite being in an ongoing relationship, we can sometimes feel lonely. Sometimes being in a relationship also limits our contact with other people or friends we don’t spend much time with.

This is of course where social media like Facebook comes in, but we all know that’s not the same. If we see that our partner is notoriously sitting and chatting with her friends on her phone or computer, maybe the problem is that she doesn’t go out alone enough.

Of course, being in a relationship is about sharing a life or goals, but sometimes we all need a moment to ourselves or just to go out with friends shopping or to a cafe. Maybe that’s the reason why my girlfriend is always on her phone when we’re together, maybe she just needs to go out somewhere with her friends sometimes, and we should accept that and not get angry about it.

My Girlfriend Is Always On Her Phone When We Are Together
My Girlfriend Is Always On Her Phone When We Are Together

Electronic detox

When you notice that you reach for your mobile phone too often and can’t imagine a day without checking your social media or other sites, it could be a sign tha

t it’s time for an electronic detox.

Both you and your partner can set a day or even a whole weekend that you limit your phone use, especially browsing and reading various not-so-urgent things.

Sometimes, even when we have such a job that we have to be on the phone a lot, we should forget about it on our days off. In a relationship it is important to give each other attention, maybe there is not enough of it and that is why your partner looks for activities in the virtual world. Remember that you can get as addicted to your phone as to sweets, alcohol, or cigarettes.

In Summary – My Girlfriend Is Always On Her Phone When We Are Together

We already know that the fact that my girlfriend is always on her phone when we are together can have various reasons. It could be a trivial thing like killing boredom or a bad habit, but remember that not reacting is not always a good solution, as the problem can get worse.

Unfortunately, such notorious staring at the phone may also indicate difficulties in the relationship or avoiding serious topics, which sooner or later will come. Of course, this doesn’t have to mean infidelity, but situations can be very different, and sometimes it’s worth asking if everything is ok. Here you can see statistics on the most common addictions we can encounter.

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