Should I Like My Ex Posts On Facebook? – (Things To Avoid)

The days after a breakup are always hard, but when is the right time to forget about those emotions and move on? Forgetting completely your past relationship can be even impossible if your bond was strong enough but over time you will less think about those bad memories that are related to your past relationship. Also after some time, you will start to see the bigger picture! In this article we will talk about hard topics and answer some of the most frequently asked questions “Should I like my ex posts on Facebook”, or “Should I avoid my ex?”, or “How long does it take before I stop suffering from a breakup?”, Stay with us!

Try to remember how you both are feeling about your breakup, was it a happy end or rather there was a quarrel and some insults? If you decided to go separate

ways without using any insults and threats then that means that you should give a like to your ex posts on Facebook and any other social media platform, but things can get hard when the end of your relationship wasn’t that great.

Unfortunately not so many relationships end with a happy ending, it’s more likely to see a bad ending with threats and insults, which will lead to many sleepless nights and crying a lot. If that is something that you have experienced then stay with us because we will tell you things that can be important for your future, and to prevent any dangerous future situations.

How long does it take before I stop suffering from a breakup?
How long does it take before I stop suffering from a breakup?

Should I avoid my ex?

Often people after a breakup would gladly avoid meeting each other, and often the reason for it is fear. Fear that comes from different reasons like:

  • Is my ex going to shout at me?
  • Is my ex going to tell my friends something weird about me?
  • How should I act around my ex?

Those questions are related not only to women but also to men


Avoiding any person is often not possible because our daily routines can cross each other, for example, if we are working together or studying together, that will sim

ply be almost impossible to avoid completely. So what we can do about it?

If you are forced to see your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend you can’t do it unless you change your daily routine like changing a job or school, but you don’t have to go that far, simply not talking with that person is your best option.

Nothing can force you to talk with your ex, even if you are sitting at the same table. Ditch everything that he or she says, and do your job, that will let you live freely for the rest of your day.

Should I avoid my ex?
Should I avoid my ex?

That method is also great to forget about him quicker because you will get used to “Not talking to him” quickly, which will heal your broken heart faster.

Should I like my ex posts on Facebook?

If you really want to avoid any contact with your ex just to keep your mental stability you should also avoid liking his profiles on any social media. That should let your mind rest a bit.

If you give him or her some likes then that person can think about it as some way to say something important like: “I want to be together again”, and if you don’t want that then avoid giving your ex any stupid ideas. It is not related only to Facebook but also to any social media like Instagram or TikTok.

How long does it take before I stop suffering from a breakup?

A broken heart can be the worst disease because it can lead you to very bad things. Mental health is very underrated in 2022, and we should focus on it more.

The time needed for your suffering to stop is related to how much you love your ex. Unfortunately, you won’t stop suffering completely in less than a few years,

but the suffering will be less painful every single day. So try to focus on other things just to make time goes faster for you. You can try out new hobbies or hang out with friends.

The most painful for you after a breakup should be the first 3 days after that big day, and after a week you should be able to live somewhat normally. If that bad mood is very strong or stays with you for longer than 3 weeks you should consult with a psychologist to prevent any future sad incidents.

In summary – Should I like my ex posts on Facebook?

Giving any misleading ideas to your ex is making it more possible for him or her to contact you, and if you want to avoid him then you should not give any like to your ex. If you are trying to be together again then giving your ex likes is a good idea.

If you want to maintain your mental health in a good condition then avoiding any contact with your ex will let you do this. If you want to know more about social media and your past relationship then make sure to check out our new article “Is My Ex Boyfriend Watching My Social Media?“.

Should I block my ex on Facebook?

It can be helpful to see what your ex is up to. It can give you closure and help you move on. On the other hand, it can be painful to see your ex moving on without you. It can also make it harder to let go and move on yourself.

So what’s the best course of action? Ultimately, it’s up to you. If you think you can handle seeing your ex’s Facebook updates, then go ahead and stay friends. But if you’re finding that it’s too painful or preventing you from moving on, then blocking them might be the best solution.

How can I make my ex jealous on Facebook?

First, start by posting pictures of yourself having a great time with your friends. Make sure to tag yourself in as many photos as possible, and include captions that make it clear you’re enjoying your single life. You can also post about all the fun things you’re doing without your ex – this will show them that you’re not sitting at home moping about the breakup.

Should I delete photos with my ex on Facebook?

First, think about how long it’s been since the breakup. If it’s been a while, you might feel more comfortable keeping the photos up. If it was a recent breakup, though, you might want to get rid of them so you can move on.

You should also think about how many photos there are of you and your ex. If there are only a few, it might not be worth deleting them all. But if they’re everywhere you look on your page, it might be time for a clean slate.
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