Should I love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Me?

As human beings, we don’t want to be alone, we were born to live in a society, and that society has thought us to form relationships and live in pairs with a person who we love. It’s very easy to understand but when you already are in such a close relationship with your partner it’s starting to get harder, what if that person has a different plan for your relationship? Should I love someone who doesn’t love me?

We will provide you with many examples from real life and after consultations with our Psychologist Catlin Brown we will show you what you can do about it, with some


This topic is very complicated but as a short answer, we will tell you this: You can’t force anyone to love you if they don’t want to. You should talk about it with that person, and if he or she simply can’t love you back, then you should stop that. There are few exceptions to that, also how to talk about this topic? You will learn more in this article so keep reading.

Should I love Someone Who Doesn't Love Me?
Should I love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Me?

How can I know if my partner doesn’t love me?

Your relationship can give you a lot of information without even asking. For example, the time you spend together can give you some hints like:

  • Not talking to each other too much
  • Avoiding each other at home
  • Spending free time away from each other
  • Spending time on the p
    hone while in a restaurant
  • Not saying emotional stuff like “Love you” or “Miss you”
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  • Ask mutual friends what does it look like from their perspective (Only trusted ones)
  • But if that’s not enough for you to tell for sure If he or she does still love you, then you should ask your partner directly, because it is very crucial for your future. It’s very tough to talk about those kinds of things but you need to endure it till the end. After all of that, you will know for sure what your partner thinks about the future of your relationship.

    A guy doesn’t know that I exist so should I love him?

    Maybe your problem is a bit more complicated and you love a person who barely knows who you are. That is a bit easier because that person can’t love you because he or she doesn’t know what you are feeling.

    The best possible option for you is to get to know each other, try to put something from you into that person’s life. Maybe tell her or him something about you, or find what can connect you like sports or hobbies.

    If a partner doesn’t love me, should we break up?

    If you know for sure that your partner doesn’t love you anymore then your relationship is going to collapse after some time. You can build a healthy relationship without the love from your partner. Even if it’s going well right now, it will take some time and slowly you will start to notice that you are falling apart.

    Don’t do anything that you will regret later, so first, you need to think about it twice, and then you try to decide what will be better for you. You should try to hit on that person and flirt a bit to show what your feelings are. There is no other way, you need to tell or show what’s inside you, otherwise you will regret your spontaneous that you were hiding it because over years it will hurt you more.

    If a partner doesn't love me, should we break up?
    If a partner doesn’t love me, should we break up?

    So don’t let your future self regret the spontaneous decision that you are making right now, and at least try to talk a bit with that guy. Note that a relations

    hip without the love from the second person is not possible to exist for your entire life, it will end in a few months.

    Should I try to make him love me again?

    There is a slight possibility for you to make him love you again, but it’s going to be hard. You can try to do the same things that you did in the past because those things made him or her love you.

    Love strikes us very fast without any warning then it starts to fade away, but unfortunately, true love starts to build up over time and it won’t take months to become a successful couple.

    It’s a long process to build up real trust and love so maybe you gave yourself only a few months up to this point. Even if you will get married there is still a high chance that you will divorce eventually, about 50% of marriages in the USA are getting divorced, and that’s an official statistic from 2020.

    If you have tried many times to fix your relationship and you still could not make your partner love you again, then you should accept that, and move on. You can’t force anyone to love you no matter what, but you should try a few times to fix it before you give up.

    Should I try to make him love me again?
    Should I try to make him love me again?

    There are a few things that you should try if you want to fix your relationship:

    • Try things that worked in the past like: cinema, jogging together or romantic dates
    • Spend more time together
    • Spend time with your mutual friends together
    • Do some productive things together like: starting a bussiness together, educating together, cooking together
    • Do something that your partner love like: play video games together or take a long journey in the car

    Try those things before you even think about giving up!

    In summary – Should I love Someone Who Doesn’t Love Me?

    You should at least try to, but remember that you can force anyone to do anything, so if you want to be sure and not regret your spontaneous decisions in the future, then try fixing your relationship before you will try to end it!

    Maybe you are simply exaggerating problems and that it was a simple quarrel in your relationship, and those happen often even among most successful couples, then we have a great article about it to help you deal with it: “Is It Normal To Argue With Your Boyfriend?“, make sure to check it out before you will decide what to do with your relationship!

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