Still In Love With Narcissist Ex – (What Should I Do About It?)

Everyone has that special person that we can’t easily forget, and what if we have been together with that person as a couple? That means that he or she is now your ex, and that’s a common thing for couples to break up, but the feeling that has been between both of you should disappear over time. But what if they did not? Are you still in love with narcissist ex?

We will give you some solutions and tips on what you can do about your current situation but for now, you have to know something important. Think about your feelings,

maybe you love your ex more than your current boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are still in love with narcissist ex that means that you didn’t end your past relationship properly. Then you should first decide who you would like to be with, then you should act based on your decision. If you are not sure what to do then stay with us and we will tell you what best you can do right now!

What can I do if I am still in love with narcissist ex?

It’s not an easy topic, because we don’t have many people to talk to about it. Your parents are not suited for this kind of stuff, your current boyfriend will be so angry if he even heard something about your ex, not speaking of being in love with your ex. Then maybe your friend could be able to help you?

You should really trust your friends to tell them all of that because they will get disappointed in you for all of that. So before telling them what you feel make sure that you are speaking with your most trusted friends, that won’t judge you straight away and will give some help. All cases are different and only you and your friends can solve your problems for sure.

Being a narcissist often attracts women and makes it impossible to forget him due to his charisma and personality, so don’t blame yourself because that’s what many girls tend to do.

Make up your mind and ask yourself if you are really to forget about him, or do you want to keep those feelings shut down at the bottom of your heart? If you want to forget then you are on the right track.

Your best option to forget about him is to swap your memories that are connected to him with something new. For example, if you have been together in the aquapark and you have a lot of memories from it, then take some of your friends to that place and create new memories that are better and happier than those with your ex.

Still in love with narcissist ex
Still in love with narcissist ex

Maybe you have been together in a special place like Paris for example. The trip there with someone close to you can make you memorize something better

g>, something worth your current status rather than those awful memories of your narcissist ex.

Your best option is to find someone like a new boyfriend or girlfriend (If you already don’t have one) and let them help you forget a

bout your narcissistic ex. That way you will create new better memories that and over time you will slowly forget about those feelings for your ex.

Time will be your best medicine in this case. Think about anything incident that’s more than a few years old or even something you have learned in primary school… it’s hard to visualize because your brain slowly forgets about things that are not important or continued anymore in your life.

That way your brain can only focus on keeping the memories that are important to you like for example if you are a musician, you won’t forget the basics that you have learned years ago. All that said you have to give yourself time to forget and if you want to speed up this process then make new similar memories more worthy of remembering than your memories with your narcissist ex.

Was your ex a narcissist?

Being a narcissist isn’t something bad, but it makes you stand out from the crowd, and that’s why men who are a narcissist tend to attract more women to them.

still in love with ex

Healthy narcissism lets us have the confidence and self-investment to make great things in our lives, due to our high self-esteem. Many narcissists maintain a sense of well-being with low levels of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

If you feel like those sentences can describe your ex then yes you were in love with your narcissist ex.

In summary – Still in love with narcissist ex

Ask yourself if you are ready to forget about him and if you are then make some new memories to prevent you from remembering him in the future. Looking for a new boyfriend or girlfriend will speed up this process because you will both create some new great memories and finally forget him.

On the other hand, after some time you can think that you still love him so much that you would like to get back with him again if that’s what you are thinking

then check out our article “I treated my ex boyfriend badly and I want him back” to learn what you can do right now to fix it!

How can I know if my boyfriend is a narcissist?

A clue that your boyfriend may be a narcissist is if he regularly talks about himself and his accomplishments, but doesn’t seem interested in hearing about your day or what’s going on in your life. He may also interrupt you or put you down when you’re talking, which can be another sign that he’s more focused on himself than on you.

Should I call my ex if I still love him?

Most people would say that if you still love your ex, it’s a bad idea to call them. The reasoning behind this is that it will only make you feel worse and give them false hope that you might get back together. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you think calling your ex might help you end or give you some answers as to why they broke up with you, then it could be worth giving them a call. Just be prepared for the possibility that they may not want to talk to you or that the conversation might not go the way you want it to.

How can I know if I’m a narcissist ex?

Do you find yourself constantly talking about yourself and your accomplishments? Do you have a hard time listening to your partner or taking their feelings into consideration? Are you always trying to one-up them or make them feel inferior?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s possible that you’re a narcissist. It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone who displays these qualities is necessarily a narcissist, but it’s something to be aware of if you find yourself exhibiting these behaviors

How can I deal with a narcissistic ex?

Don’t try to reason with your narcissistic ex. Don’t take anything they say or do personally, and set boundaries with them. If you are decided to cut ties with him or her then block this person on every social media and on your phone.
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