Tinder Small Talk – (Tips To Improve Your Chances)

Small talk can be difficult in real life, but when you have to talk with a totally random and unknown person via a mobile app it can give you headaches. How to start that tinder small talk? Should I keep it simple?

Is there any schema for that? We’re going to cover that and give you small tips, also with some phrases that really do work.

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Tinder small talk can be started with common phrases like: “What’s up?” or “How are you today?” Those are very simple and underrated but, if you think about it for a while, then it starts to make sense. Those questions give the second person unlimited possibilities to answer, so he or she can lead to conversation in any direction. There are many ways to do small talk so stay with us to learn some tricks about it

tinder small talk

Should I keep it simple?

Most of us have a lot of conversations at the same time, so trying to write something long, personal, and time-consuming to every person from our list can be very difficult. Almost 90% of our pairs won’t last longer than a few messages, those five to ten first messages are crucial in your relationship, and both of you will have to decide after that if you want to keep it going. So if you do would have to write something personal to every person that you find you will burn out quickly, because you sit for a few minutes to think and write then the conversation is over in an instant.

Try to keep it simple, you’re going to find another match tomorrow, and the day after. Also, we do have a great article about “how to get more likes on tinder” if you want to get more. Anyways, imagine that you have to spend about 15 minutes for every match that you’ve found, and also you have 8 per day that way you will lose about 2 hours every day and there is a high chance that not even one of those conversations be could be continued tomorrow.

It is disappointing but that’s how it is. So try to keep your conversations simple until you get to the point of “I want to learn more about that person” or “He can be that one” if you can think about it then slowly go all out!

Should I start the conversation and what to write? 

If you usually don’t start conversations then start with something simple, that way you can leave the space to shine for that second person. Don’t try to limit her or him with a specific question, that way you can scare away or even force him or her to think about something weird. Some good tinder opening lines to start conversations are:

  • “Hi! How are you today?”
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  • “What’s up?”
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  • “What was your day like?”
  • “How are you doing?”
  • “Hello, let’s talk about something cool”

If you’re more into this specific conversation you can try to ask something about her or his profile like something about the photo, or things from the profile’s description. 

99% percent of people that are on tinder are well aware that first lines are hard so they should give you credit for starting the conversation. People that are hating the idea of a simple question as a first text are mostly didn’t even think about it… let’s take for example “What’s up?” it’s so generic that the second person can write about the past day, school things, or even about the hobby. That question doesn’t force anyone to a specific topic and will give you the basic idea of that person.

So if that person will replay with “good”, or “cool, and u” then you know that he or she is not very interested in that conversation, but if the answer for that will be something like “good, but couldn’t do much stuff” that is a great answer! It gives you the opportunity to ask about that “stuff” and you see that person somehow cares about this conversation so keep it going!

In summary – tinder small talk

Tinder small talk is pretty simple because everyone is aware that conversations on tinder can be difficult, so no one will expect to read some poets from you. Keep it

simple to save your time, and go in deep only if see that the second person cares about that conversation. there are many other ways to find your perfect boyfriend or a girlfriend, so don’t focus only on tinder.

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