What Body Type Do Men Prefer? – (Statistics From Men)

If you too have ever wondered what body type do men prefer? This is a question that many women are looking for an answer to, and there are many studies on the subject. The topic returns every year, studies and surveys are carried out among men on this topic and it turns out that there is no clear answer.

So what body type do men prefer? It turns out that they are mainly these three figures: medium, with feminine shapes, and slim. Many of us th

ink that we have to have a model’s body to appeal to men, but fortunately, the truth is different. 

Creating beauty and fashion

A woman will always find something about her body that she doesn’t think is perfect, we are very critical of ourselves. Each of us wants to be fashionable and beautiful, but the fashion world imposes the so-called “canon of beauty” every now and then, which is considered desirable at a given moment. 

We often think that a beautiful woman is the one shown on TV in advertising or overly skinny models with clothes literally hanging off them. It is becoming increasingly fashionable to go on all sorts of weight-loss diets that only aim to reduce calorie intake, often these diets are too drastic.

Of course, diets can also be good for us and contribute to better health. There are very many types of diets, but let’s choose them consciously or use the help of specialists, ignorance can unfortunately harm. 

What Body Type Do Men Prefer?
What Body Type Do Men Prefer?

What do men like?

Women are critical of themselves, of their bodies, and their appearance too, but the truth is that any well-groomed woman can be beautiful.

Men, on the other hand, look at women differently than they do themselves, which has a big influence on what body type men prefer. It is often the case that places on the body that women do not accept are very sexy for men. What men like, are mainly:

  • curves are sexy, according to most men a beautiful woman should have some curves, for example on her bottom. So round bottoms are sexy, what can yo
    u do to improve this aspect further, there are suitable exercises to improve skin firmness
  • small breasts, many women want to have bigger breasts, and it is more and more fashionable to have breast enlargement, but is it really sexy for guy
    s? Men love natural women, if a relationship is really successful and happy it is important for a guy that his partner is natural and accepts himself
  • wide hips, very popular is the wasp waist, where the top and hips are wider, clothes look completely different on us if we have our curves. Skinny models present new collections of clothes, but clothes will lie differently on each of us, wide hips are considered sexy
  • natural make-up or the lack of it, lately, the fashion for delicate make-up is coming back. For many years red lips and a strong line on the eye were very popular, but this type of makeup does not suit every woman. We have different types of beauty and we need to match makeup, which will not burden our face and emphasize its beauty. 

Of course, choosing the right make-up for your complexion is just as important as skincare, and we know that good skincare can work wonders. If you don’t know your skin type yet, you can read about it in this article.

Figure types of women

There are 4 basic types of women’s figures, and it’s good to pay attention to which one you belong to, as this will allow you to better select your wardrobe. How we feel about our body and how we look after it also has an impact on what body type do men prefer.

Female body types include hourglass, pear, cup, and apple. Each of them is unique and beautiful, but they differ in certain aspects:

1) Hourglass, this figure is considered by many to be the quintessence of femininity. The female figure of this type is characterized above all by broad shoulders, large breasts, a trim waist, wide hips, and massive thighs, with shoulders and hips being about the same width, making the hourglass figure the most proportional.

The clothes that work best here are those that emphasize the bust, flatten the stomach, define the waist and expose slender calves. 

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2) Pear – A pear-shaped woman usually has a small bust, a long waist with a prominent waistline, a flat stomach, as well as wide and round hips. The top is even a size smaller than the bottom – this disproportion makes the body resemble a pear. To fit the figure pear-shaped are suitable clothes, which optically equalize the proportions between top and bottom.

Go for blouses or shirts with frills. Long trousers with straight legs or bell bottoms. As for dresses and skirts, go for flared cuts, with the added bonus of stiletto heels, which will slim your silhouette and elongate your proportions.

3) Cup – this figure is the opposite of a pear – cups have wide shoulders and large breasts, no noticeable waistline, narrow hips, small bottom, and long legs. This silhouette is characterized by the disproportion between the wide upper part of the figure and the narrow lower part. Women with cup-shaped silhouettes should aim to balance out the top and bottom of their outfits.

Ideal clothes are those which reduce the bust and shoulders and widen the lower parts of the body. To conceal broad shoulders and a large bust, wear blouses and shirts with V-shaped necklines. Also, choose a well-fitting blazer or cardigan, go for tapered jeans or jeans with a low rise, ideal for skirts and wrap dresses. 

4) Apple – the apple figure is characterized by small shoulders, medium-sized bust, protruding tummy, no waistline, and shapely calves. The female body is bigger at the waist than at the bust or hips. What clothes to wear then?

Women with this figure should take care to divert attention from their tummies. It’s a good idea to emphasize slim shoulders and beautiful calves. As a classic apple, it’s a good idea to wear V-shaped necklines and jackets that end at the hips. Slim and shapely legs are best emphasized by wearing skinny jeans and A-line skirts

In Summary – what body type do men prefer?

Whatever figure type you have, remember that every well-groomed woman is beautiful. It turns out that men are most attracted to natural, slightly curvy women. So we know what body type do men prefer and it is not the type created on TV and at fashion shows.

Of course, the model figure is desired by many women, but let’s remember that the most important thing is to feel good in our bodies. Our happiness is the most important thing and it does not always have to go according to the latest fashion or trends. You can see here statistics on the types of women men like the most. 

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