What Do You Do Before Going To Sleep? – (7 Tips To Fall Asleep)

There are certain things that you should do before going to sleep, to stay healthy and energized the next day, and also to make you sleep well. If you want to make your life healthier and we’ll answer your question “What do you do before going to sleep”, we will also provide an answer for what other people do before going to sleep, so stay with us!

Easy and fast things that you should do before going to sleep are:

  • Brushing teeth 
  • Change bedding if needed
  • Turning off any light source
  • Stay away from any devices at least 1 hour before sleep
  • Wear an eye mask
  • Don’t eat and drink at least 2 hours before sleep
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  • Sleeping with another person
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Those and many others are just quick tips, but we will get into details and we will show how popular those methods are among other people.

what do you do before going to sleep

Most mistakes that people are making before going to sleep are:

  • Eating too much
  • Drinking fluids
  • Using smartphones

Those are the most common mistakes that most of us do, and they will make your sleep worse, like waking up in the middle of the night just to visit the bathroom and pee, or if you eat too much, then your stomach will make some weird noises all night, and using smartphones right before sleep will make it harder for you to simply fall asleep. If you want to know more about those things then keep reading.

Calm your digesting processes at least 2 hours before sleep

If you eat something then your stomach will have to turn on the whole 

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Also if you want to eat something spicy then you should add one hour to that period, because spicy food is way harder for your stomach to digest. Even plain water needs some time to digest, and after you drink something we can predict that you will have to pee, so make sure to do that before you go into bed.

Visit bathroom

Before you get into your bed, you should visit the bathroom for obvious reasons like quick pee, there are also things you can do there that will make your sleep deep and calm. Taking a shower before sleep is a good idea, it helps you to relax and calm your mind, also you will feel refreshed, and those things will let you fall asleep faster.

Not many people do that but if you don’t have time for a shower or you will shower in the morning then try to at least wash your face in the sink, that is a quick solution to cheat your body that your clean, also your face is vulnerable to everything you have been through all day, so it’s important to clean it often and wash up that makeup of yours!

Brushing teeth will help you not be bothered by the uncomfortable smell and feel of food scraps will be gone, and the fewer things that can bother you the better your sleep will be.

Light will distract you

Our bodies are created so that we easily fall asleep at night because there is not too much light source, so if in your bedroom is something that emits light light computer, tv, or even your phone that can distract you. Even worse when that light is pulsing, so get rid of it or cover it with something.

There is something called an “eye mask” that is used to help you fall asleep faster by blocking any source of light. That can be uncomfortable for many of us, but you can give it a try because it’s not expensive and you can buy it on Amazon for about 5$ USD Here is an article about sleep masks that will give you more answers.

Buy better bedding 

If your current bedding is low quality, like you hook your hair on the pillow or it’s just slippery, also if your duvet is heavy that can make you uncomfortable during sleep, so make sure to test some new bedding that will suit your sleep.

The mattress can also have a huge impact on your sleep but it can cost you a lot, so start with bedding then you can do more research about a mattress.

going to sleep

Stay away from any devices

Many people tend to use their smartphones in bed just a few seconds before they fall asleep. That’s a bad habit because devices emit waves that stimulate our brain so it’s harder to calm down and fall asleep, so make sure that you don’t touch any device at least one hour before you go to bed.

Sleeping together

If you have a boyfriend, and you have slept together for many months, then when you will try to take a nap or sleep without him, that will be hard for you, because you got used to it – For example, his smell, his hand cuddling you or even sounds that he makes during sleep.

Remember that even a simple cuddle can make you sleep faster, cuddling is so underrated, because when your body has something in your arms then you feel safe so make sure to cuddle your partner or just buy a plush toy!

In summary – what do you do before going to sleep?

We hope that our pieces of advice will make your sleep deeper and calmer. Notice that all those tips are almost free to introduce in your sleep, so most of those things can be done even in one hour. Focus on those easier ones like removing sources of light, and staying away from devices, if that won’t make you fall asleep faster then try to change your bedding, grab a plush toy and take a shower, the last thing you should do is to change your mattress, as a most expensive option.

How long should I sleep?

Most people need around eight hours of sleep a day. Some people may need more sleep, some less. It depends on many factors, including age, lifestyle, health, and whether you’re pregnant.

Sleep needs vary from person to person. Babies, children, and teens need more sleep than adults. People with certain medical conditions or who are pregnant may also need more sleep.

Is sleeping too long unhealthy?

Some experts say that sleeping more than eight hours a day can actually be bad for your health. They claim that it can lead to a number of problems, including obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Others, however, say that there is no evidence to support these claims. They believe that people who sleep longer are simply more likely to have underlying health conditions. More research is needed to determine whether or not sleeping too much is really harmful to our health.

Can I sleep less?

It is a common question, and the answer is usually no, you can’t sleep less. Most people need around eight hours of sleep per night. Some people may be able to function on less sleep, but they are usually not getting the recommended amount, and they feel sleepy most of the time.

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