Why Did A Guy Leave Me On Read? – (Is It Common?)

Sometimes when we think that we have found a guy that can be a potentially good partner for our future, then after some months and even weeks we realize that something is wrong. Most guys and girls when they are teens or in their 20s they prefer to text rather than talk over the phone.

For that reason, we use apps like messenger from Facebook or WhatsApp and many more. Here comes the hard question related to those apps “Why did a guy leave me

on read?” or “What to do when a guy left me on read?” We will explain this phenomenon in detail and give you some tips to fix it.

There are many potential reasons why a guy could leave you on read, but the most common reason is that he is in the middle of doing something more important than having a chat with you at that moment. It sounds a bit hard to accept but bear with us because we will dive deeper into this problem and show you what to do when that happens. But first, we have to start with the basics and explain what that term even means.

What does leaving on read mean?

To explain this phenomenon and why people do that, we have to start with the basics to make sure that we will be talking about the same thing.

In 2022 we have hundreds of apps that are used for communication between people. A lot of people would prefer to text via those apps rather than write an old SMS, but let’s get back to those apps. The most common apps to contact other people in 2022 are:

  • Meta’s messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
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  • Slack
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  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Telegram

Those are just simple examples of the most trending applications used for communication between people. And almost all of those apps have similar features, which include something called “read”. The “read” is often presented by an icon that tells us that the message we have sent to our friend was read off by him or her.

Often there are 2 statuses of this icon that first appears right after you have posted your message, and that icon tells us that our message was sent off to that person. Because sometimes when you have no internet connection, your message will have to wait until you will get your internet connection back.

Why did a guy leave me on read?
Why did a guy leave me on read?

And the second status tells us that your friend has already seen this message, which is great because if you don’t see that icon there is no point in waiting fo

r a response.

Why did a guy leave you on read?

As we have already said above the most common reason why someone is not responding to you instantly is just that he is busy at that moment, but probably will do that later.

Often when someone is at work or has a meeting it is almost impossible to respond to every message that is currently on his phone because that way he will be forced to look all day at his mobile screen.

But there are many more potential reasons if someone leaves you on read:

  • That person is saving battery – Sometimes when we are on a journey without a charger we want to save battery for important things like booking a hotel or calling a taxi.
  • That person doesn’t have enough time to create a good response – Creating a good response takes time, and the more complex your previous message is the more time it needs to write a good answer. Often while we have only a minute or two it is not enough to write back.
  • That person doesn’t think that your message is worth answering – Often people expect someone to answer but the message they write is a simple emoji or a single word. It is hard to respond when you can see only an emoji because responding to an emoji with another emoji is a bit cringy.
  • That person does not have good enough conditions to write back – There are potential conditions that can prevent someone from writing back, like standing on a bus or driving a car.
  • That person is mad at you – There is a small chance that the person you are writing to is simply mad at you, and he or she doesn’t feel like writing back.
  • That person could fall asleep – Often people have time to text each other late in the evening while they are already in bed, which gives a chance to simply fall asleep and we should not be mad about it.

What to do when a guy left me on read?

If someone has left you on read, then you should take a look at your last message, because that is the most important thing right now. If you did ask a question then you can expect that person to write back, because you are indirectly forcing him or her to respond to you about a certain topic.

But If you only stated something then it can also mean an end to the conversation and you should try to start a new topic. If you think that you can expect a person to write you back then you have to wait a bit longer.

Sometimes a few hours is not enough to write back but anything more than 24 hours should be enough and if that person is still not writing you back after 24 hours then that means that he or she is not planning to respond to you.

After 24 hours you can easily ask if he or she is mad at you or, why is not responding. So be patient and not write multiple messages after a few hours, because that person can have many reasons for that as we have mentioned above.

Should I leave a guy on read?

Leaving someone or read is not a good idea, because that person will start to think that you are probably mad at him or her, or any other weird reasons for that, so if you don’t want to have a negative impact on your relationship then try to avoid leaving someone on read.

You should try to be nice to others so we will recommend that if you see a message and have some free time to write back then you should definitely do it.

In summary – Why did a guy leave me on read?

Leaving someone on read for a long period of time is just mean, but there can be many reasons for that so don’t judge someone before he or she will give you a proper excuse for that, but if it takes longer than 24 hours then you should definitely write a second message asking about it.

It is very unlikely that when a guy left you on leave then he is mad. Just wait it out and there are almost a 90% chances that he will respond to you later. If that guy is your boyfriend then we have a new great article that will let you find out what’s going on “What To Do If I Have Disappointed My Boyfriend?“.

Should you be mad at a guy who left you on read?

Getting mad won’t do anything to change the situation. In fact, it might even make things worse. Not only will you be angry and upset, but you’ll also be giving the guy the attention he wants.

So instead of getting mad, why not take a step back and reassess your own feelings? If you’re really interested in this guy, then there’s no need to get worked up over one little incident. Just let it go and move on.

Is leaving on read a bad thing?

Leaving someone on read can be seen as a bad way of talking with someone. It’s like you’re just ignoring their existence. If you’re not interested in someone, it’s best to just be upfront and tell them instead of leaving them waiting.

Why do people leave you on read?

Often they’re just busy and didn’t have time to respond, or maybe they’re not interested in talking to you. It could also be that they saw your message but didn’t know how to respond.

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