Why Do Guys Like To Protect Their Girlfriends? – (Is It Good?)

Men in relationships do a lot of weird things from a woman’s perspective. Like doing crazy things while driving, or showing you have better he is than any other man, but have you ever wondered “Why do guys like to protect their girlfriends?”. Why would he put in danger himself to protect his girlfriend even when they barely know each other? If you want to know why then stay with us to learn more.

When you take a look at nature we can see many similar examples like a wild boar mother protecting their children or a bear protecting his family. So we are not that

different from animals. We can even take a look at something common in people around us when the mother wants to protect their children while they are in danger. Protecting a family, even when you are only his girlfriend is men’s nature, and it also can be something honorable for men to protect you.

Even when you have a quarrel a second ago, it’s normal for a guy to protect you. You can compare it to a mother loving her child. For anyone outside it can look weird, but your Mother will love you regardless of anything, that’s just how it works in human nature. Sometimes they feel joy from protecting you.

why do guys like to protect their girlfriends
Why do guys like to protect their girlfriends?

Isn’t he scared to protect me?

I bet he is scared as hell, but something inside his body just won’t let him do otherwise, or maybe he’s a fighter down deep inside and he will enjoy protecting you, but that’s unusual. There are some types of guys out there walking from club to club looking for a fight, and we highly don’t recommend that but make them self-confident in fights due to the experience.

You have to know to not a lot of guys have ever had a real fistfight, and you should expect them to have, because that’s just a not right thing to do, and remember that fighting is bad overall.

A normal guy should be scared protecting you but he should do it anyway because he has the highest chances to win and protect both of you. Sometimes it’s good to run away, but should do this together and if he left you to deal with this problem then you really should have a long conversation. Try to ask him:

  • Why he did what he did?
  • Doesn’t he feel the need to protect you?
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  • Doesn’t he care what could happen to you?
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That should give you a general idea of what to do with your relationship. Maybe your problem is more complex like he thinks that you’re threatening him badly and that’s why he doesn’t feel the need to protect you.

Even hundreds of years ago men were fighting to protect the honor of their wives and girlfriends. It was even that common that it had special rules like for example holding a tissue and fighting until one of the guys will stop holding it. Women are different, and they solve issues mostly with speech, but on the other hand, we have guys who tend to fistfight about anything. That’s the origin for many sports based on fighting.

fistfight from ages ago

Guy wants to protect me from anything

Sometimes it’s not about brawls, but maybe something smaller likes, protecting his girlfriend from false rumors, or mean people. A real man has a lot in his arsenal other than his fists and should be able to protect his girlfriend in almost any situation, and in most cases, it will be his speech and negotiation skills.

When you work together in a small office then it’s easy to find people who will have something against us. Maybe they will provoke you or simply be mean to you, then you should have a backup from your boyfriend who can talk to someone who will solve this problem.

Also in the situation above, we can see something similar to a simple fistfight, but this time with the use of a speech rather than fists, but the emotions which your boyfriend is feeling in those two moments are very similar.

In conclusion – Why do guys like to protect their girlfriends

For many guys it’s something normal to protect a person who they love, it’s also normal for a mother to protect her children, so it’s not something weird, and we all have something in our brains that forces us to protect our loved ones in those very special and dangerous moments of our life. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be a typical brawl, but rather a conversation at your workplace or with family, to protect you from them, and we highly recommend solving any issue with your speech and not fists.

Humans are similar to animals when it comes to instincts, and it’s hard to fight them, but when the right time will come for any guy his instinct will force him

to protect his girlfriend at any cost. It’s one of those cute things in our lives, even if we are not that long together or we do argue a lot then our boyfriend will be there for us to help and protect. So human nature is not that bad as we have thought about it for a long time.

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