Why Do Guys Treat Me Like An Object? – (Tips To Avoid It)

Have you also ever wondered why there are situations why do guys treat me like an object? Why does this happen and can the woman herself influence this situation? In this article, we will try to answer your question.

So why do guys treat me like an object? Showing women in ads, films, or posters in just their underwear has a huge impact, unfortunately, it creates an image

that objectifies women. It can also be caused by bad role models who influence our perception of others.

Advertisements and reality

The woman in the ad is as she is in reality, or is she as she is in the ad? A difficult question, because advertising transforms cultural patterns which, with the help of its powerful force, shape even our perception of the world and others.

After all, it is often the case that reality is bent to color certain things. What we do when we are young and what we surround ourselves with have an impact on our adulthood and our behavior.

It is important that a young man learns about the right values, such as a loving woman and family, or other important aspects of life, and that he can aspire to them.

Images of women in advertising

Films and advertisements have a huge influence on our perception of reality, and young men have to face this hypocrisy and sometimes see for themselves what is true and what is just an invention of fashion or the creators themselves.

In advertisements we can see several images of women that often have nothing to do with the truth:

1) The “Foolish and Naive” woman, who is surprised that detergent washes and stain remover remove stains, this type of advertising tells

us what qualities a woman has

2) The “Contrasting” Woman, who, although modestly dressed, stands proudly by welding equipment or other machinery. Here the emphasis is

on the fact that women can cope with all situations, regardless of the circumstances.

3) The “Housewife” feels wonderful when she caters to her kids and husband by baking cakes, cleaning the house, or doing the shopping.
4) The “Wamp” woman, who does what a man expects of his sexual object, often oversaturating and influencing how men view women.

5) The “Liberated” woman from physical sex stereotypes, who has a career, works, and earns well, also in professions that are created as typically male, which is not quite true.

There are many examples, but what we see and what surrounds us influences our worldview. A different reality is created, which bends certain life or cultural truths.

It also often brings about the image of a woman as one who is submissive and defiant to a man. Such patterns can be the reason why men treat women as objects. You can also read this article about comparing partners to your ex.

Why do guys treat me like an object?
Why do guys treat me like an object?

Signs of subjective treatment

It is true that to create a happy relationship, both parties need to treat each other with mutual respect and equality. Only then is such a relationship healthy and leads to happiness, but created negative patterns can turn this into a real nightmare. Pay attention to how your partner behaves, some signs may indicate that they are being treated as objects.

  • Showing your superiority and power, such behavior is a sign that the other person is not taking you seriously and is demonstrating their superiority. Unfortunately, this is usually a sign that the relationship is not sincere and will not bring happiness to both of you.
  • Insults and belittling are known as verbal abuse and can lead to very unpleasant situations. A partner who disrespects you will usually also let you
    know that they are disappointed or bored with you, even if you are doing absolutely everything you can to please them.
  • Disrespecting and overstepping boundaries is a sign that your partner doesn’t care about the physical and emotional boundaries you set. And it’s a sign of complete disrespect and a sign that it’s time to run away, and as soon as possible. Because it can only get worse, the truth is that you can’t make someone happy by force.
  • Not paying attention to your needs, a relationship is a relationship between two people who each have their own needs. If the relationship is healthy, both will consider these needs and try to meet them. However, if your partner dismisses your comments or requests with a wave of the hand, laughter, or anger, something is very wrong. When you say you’re hurt and the other person starts to get angry, you’re left with no choice but to think carefully about the relationship.
  • Treating like an object and your property, you are a person, not a thing. You have your ambitions, interests, dreams, emotions, and feelings. This can manifest as him only paying attention to your looks or your bank balance, treating you leniently, bragging about you to the world in a way that makes you uncomfortable, or not taking your career plans seriously.
  • Flirting with other people – if your partner respects you, they won’t constantly turn their head after someone else or flirt with them. Sure, flirting can be clueless and harmless, but it gets dangerous when one person pays attention to other attractive people even in your company: starts a flirtatious conversation with someone, forgets you exist, or, which is already absolutely negative, compares you to someone else and, in the process, points out your flaws.
  • Lying, whether your relationship is happy and lasting is influenced by being honest, including when there is a problem you want to solve. If there are frequent lies in your relationship and the other person doesn’t seem to mind, you should think about where this is leading and what the future holds.

Perception of objects

Psychologists have noticed that our brains perceive people and objects in different ways. For example, we recognize a whole face without difficulty, but part of a face may give us trouble. On the other hand, recognizing part of a chair is just as easy as a whole chair.

One method used by psychologists to find out whether something is perceived as an object or a person is to turn the image upside down. Inverted images of people give us problems, but in this position we easily recognize objects.

This is, of course, a description of how our brain perceives and remembers objects, and most companies in their advertising want to influence us to remember their brands well.

We already know how advertising creates an image of women and that it is often associated with sexuality. Unfortunately, all these negative images can lead men to misperceive women. This may explain, why do guys treat me like an object?

In Summary – Why do guys treat me like an object?

Do we already know how many things influence why do guys treat me like an object? It is mainly the fault of bad personal patterns and bent images shown in the media, networks, or movies.

Many men admit that they cannot or do not want to create a successful and stable relationship, preferring a relationship without obligations. Often, however, women also influence or manipulate their behavior in a certain way.

Of course, everything is for people, but remember to take care of our relationships with others. On this page, you can see statistics on the participation of women in the media and in advertising.

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