Why My Boyfriend Always Falls Asleep When We Watch Movies?

Watching movies with your partner is a great way to spend an evening, especially when the movie is also good, but sometimes this precious time is ruined by your boyfriend when he falls asleep. And if you think that he always falls asleep then it is even worse, but don’t worry because we know what to do.

Spending an evening together is often picked when other plans have failed or there were none whatsoever, but it doesn’t mean that it is a bad way to spend an ev

ening. And we will even dare to say that movie night is a good way to spend time together, but when your partner falls asleep at an early stage in the movie then it can ruin the mood.

There are some potential reasons for that and to quickly count them down: The movie is boring, The movie is too slow, Being tired, Getting too comfortable, and a few more. Those are the most common reasons for your boyfriend to fall asleep while watching movies, but we will dive deeper into those issues so let’s do this.

What movie should I pick for a movie night with my boyfriend?

Sometimes when you think about a movie for the night you look for a top list, but you should rather focus on something else. There is something called “genre” that is more important because you will still get bored watching great drama movies if you simply don’t like the whole drama concept of those movies.

So even a mediocre movie that is in your favorite genre will do better than a great movie that is in the genre you don’t really like. But remember that there will be two of you watching that movie so you should pick something that connects your both favorite genres.

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Why My Boyfriend Always Falls Asleep When We Watch Movies?

To do that you first need to ask your boyfriend what type of genre he would like to watch a movie tonight, and then look for a movie that has those two genres. You have to know that movies have a lot of different genres and even up to 4 for a single movie.

Why do slow movies make us sleepy?

Slow movies are perfect when you want to fall asleep quickly, but more likely you would like to prevent this from happening until the movie is over.

Unfortunately, there are some genres that make us sleepy very quickly, for example:

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  • Drama
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  • Relaxing
  • Musicals
  • Historical
  • Western
  • Romance

All of the above genres are slow, so that means that their pace is very slow. A slow pace is a reason why we are getting sleepy after a while because we are waiting for something big to happen and it takes very long.

The audio in those genres is also quiet, smooth, and emotional, so you won’t hear any explosions. Characters speak with each other very casually without shoutin


The opposite of those movie genres can be for example action movies where there are a lot of explosions and shouting and every 10 minutes there is something big in the plot.

Also, horror movies won’t let you fall asleep that quickly, because there is that fear effect in the background, so even when there is not a lot of action going on then you won’t fall asleep because you are afraid of any jumpscares that will appear in a second.

Can my boyfriend be too tired to watch movies?

When your boyfriend looks like he is very tired even before your movie night has started then it can be the reason for him to fall asleep after a few minutes.

Ask your partner before deciding to watch some movies tonight because if he is too tired then simply you will prepare snacks, food, couch, and everything else just to clean it up after a few minutes.

If your boyfriend looks tired then he has a good reason for that, for example, a regular job or gym and anything else that requires your focus or use of the muscles can make you very tired. So you should not force him to watch movies with you that night.

Remember that movie night is almost always at the end of the day which means that you and your boyfriend have done a lot of different things throughout the whole day, so it is normal to get tired.

How to prepare for a movie night?

Movie night is not all about watching movies, and more about things that are around. So make sure to prepare some snacks, and drinks, also you can turn off the lights just to make the special mood.

Also, the couch or anything else that you will be sitting on is very important because bringing things like a blanket and pillows will make this time very comfortable. But be careful because too much comfort while watching movies can make you more sleepy.

For example, if your boyfriend will start to hide under the blanket then he will fall asleep even quicker, so if you would like to prevent that then you will have to hide blankets and pillows.

In summary – Why my boyfriend always falls asleep when we watch movies?

Being sleepy is a totally common thing and you should not be angry at him for that. Note that our tips and all of the things above are related to both men and women so they will also be relevant for your girlfriend.

Your boyfriend is simply tired after a long day because you have to remember that movie night is at the end of the day which means that he or she is almost out of energy after that day.

You should not force anyone to do things that you would like to do. Even if you will force your partner then that precious time will be just bad for you, just ask your partner if he is up to watching movies tonight.

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