Wildest Things To Do With Your Boyfriend – (Crazy Dating)

So you want to do something wild and crazy with your boyfriend and currently looking for ideas. Sometimes even when you are together is not enough and you have to do something new and special to avoid being bored. Today we’re going to present the wildest things to do with your boyfriend also some spontaneous things, and even the ideas that can take a longer time, but anyway you should find your ideas here!

Have you ever watched a romantic movie? Those have a lot of wild ideas that you can try with your boyfriend like a picnic in the forest, going hiking to see the sunri

se, and even the extremal sports that you didn’t know exists. If you’re interested to see our ideas stay with us, and read every description for the details because the headline itself is just a foretaste.

Picnic in the forest

picnic in the forest

Have you ever been in the real wild forest? Take a blanket and some ingredients for a great meal, then you can prepare your food in the wild together. That will come to you pretty quick but there won’t be any people near you so you can go as crazy as you want if you know what I mean 😉 That is one of the wildest things to do with your boyfriend because you can simply go with the flow, there won’t be anyone to judge you so go and fulfill your desires!

Hiking to see the sunrise

hiking to see the sunrise

It’s the one option that combines romantic and sports aspects. You will have to wake up early and go for a long walk in the mountains. The sunrise will be your deadline so there will be a lot of tension related to the time! After all of that, you will be granted a romantic moment to see that beautiful sunrise with your boyfriend, make sure to take some pictures! Also, make sure you follow the paths in the mountains to not get lost and end up like one of the horror movie characters.

Extremal sports like bouldering

wildest things to do with your boyfriend

There are tons of sports that you didn’t even know exist and you can do even today like bouldering. There are climbing gyms in every modern city so that won’t be a problem. Also if you’re scared of heights you don’t need to be when it comes to bouldering, that’s a sport where you will be only 4 to 5 meters above the ground with the mattress on the ground so will be wearing only climbing shoes, and you will be fully protected. It is so much fun to clear those bouldering paths, make sure to check our newest article about bouldering to learn more about this topic.

This sport is one of the cheapest, you will borrow the climbing shoes at the reception for 4$ USD and the single ticket to enter is worth about 10$ so think about it. Bouldering is also known as rock climbing, and you can pick a quick tutorial for about 20$ USD, and someone will give you the basics tips and tricks.

Kayaking in the wild

kayaking in the wild

There are many places near the river where you can rent a double kayak, so you can row in the same kayak, that way you won’t be that scared. It costs about 30$ USD, so it’s also a cheap option, you will be alone, just you two, river and the nature. That journey can be pretty long it depends on the path that you will pick but it should be around 2-5 hours long. If you think that kayaking is easy, then you will be surprised.

Cook together

cook together

Even if both of you don’t have any cooking experience, that will be so much fun. Just find a dish that both of you like then go shopping together to grab the ne

cessary ingredients. After that the real fun will begin, it will be hard to make something good for the first time, but don’t give up. You should enjoy the process of crafting more than the dish itself, but maybe you will be lucky and you will create something great, who knows?

Just don’t give up too soon, and start to laugh at the mistakes you will make along the way. It can be expensive, so try to pick a cheap dish that way you won&#

8217;t regret if you waste the ingredients. After you finish you can eat it while watching Netflix or take the romantic way with candles.



Have you ever felt really scared? Then camping can be that one thing when both of you can be scared, especially if that will be your first time. Camping can be expensive if you don’t have a tent, but always you can rent one with sleep bags. If you stay for a night together it can be pretty scary to wait until dawn, but make sure to cuddle your boyfriend then you can end up doing weird things over that night, and it can be quite a wild experience.

Go to the aquapark


Aquapark is a great way to spend free time with your boyfriend. Guys always love the slides or sitting in the jacuzzi. Swimming together can be so much fun, you can try to teach each other how to swim properly or spend a few minutes in one of the saunas. You can also overcome your fears on the slides, or go for a walk in a bikini to show your curves!

In summary – The wildest thing to do with your boyfriend

Try to think about something you have never tried, maybe a dream from your youth. Remember that you’re both in this problem so talk about it! Ask if he’s more into sports, or romantic stuff, then try to narrow that niche and search for it on the internet. Maybe something you never did before, like jogging or hiking. If one of you does have a car then it’s even easier. 

We hope that one of our ideas will be useful to you and your boyfriend, make sure to ask him what you’ve picked then he won’t be disappointed. We also have a great article about ideas for a date, so check it out. We wish both of you to have a great and wild adventure!

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