Women Should Be Submissive? – (Tips To Avoid It)

There is a common belief that a man should work the core of the family doing all the hard stuff like getting a job to earn money and take care of the family. His wife should only take care of the children and clean the house, of course, “Women should be submissive to his husband” is an old belief but is it true in the XXI century and later on? Is that how a relationship should look in 2022? We’re going to cover those questions in this article so let’s begin!

Women should be submissive? Absolutely not! Women and Men should be equal in any type of relationship. If one of you will be above the other then your affair

can lead to many quarrels and discrimination. There are many things that you can check to see if your relationship is currently unhealthy, and what can you do about it. Stay with us to learn more!

women should be submissive
Women Should Be Submissive?

How can I check if we’re equal in a relationship?

Think about your last few months and answer our questions honestly then you will be more aware of what is your current condition, then we will tell you what you can do to fix it, so don’t be worried, and answer the questions:

  • Who’s doing home duties?
  • Who’s planning your free time?
  • Who’s opinion is more important in making decisions?
  • Who has more free time?
  • Who’s paying for entertainment?
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  • Who’s paying for monthly bills?
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  • Who’s nicer?

Those questions are just to make you think about your relationship overall, and not as simple as you think… for example “Who’s planning your free time”, you can say that being submissive will be if you’re not planning your free time, but think of it from a different perspective, if you’ve already run out of ideas then it will be a pain in the ass to come out with something fun and attractive to do for both of you.

So try to think about it from both perspectives to be as objective as you can, because small details can have a huge impact on the situation, for example, your boyfriend can have lower earnings from work than you and that is the reason why you’re paying more for bills and entertainment. Also If your boyfriend has a better job with higher earnings than you could get, then you probably doing home duties like cleaning, but it’s the only rational decision, that way you can get more money for your relationship. You won’t improve your personal career but you will have more free time to do some other business from home or to educate yourself.

What to do not to be submissive?

If after all, you think that you are submissive, then try to gather all your problems and then talk about them with your partner. Show him how it looks from your perspective, maybe he doesn’t see things your way. If your arguments will be constructive and reasonable, then you can get rid of them together and make your relationship better!

Remember that talking is always a good solution for many problems, and even better when you’re both close to each other. So don’t rush to him right now, rather try to form your opinion about this issue, think about what are you going to say before you do that!

You can try things like sports, that way is simple but will give you both much time to talk about your issues, so invite your boyfriend to jog, or bouldering and talk about what you have in mind!

In conclusion – Women should be submissive?

Women should not be submissive to anyone, but men also should not be submissive either, try to build your relationship on equal fundamentals. Talking is your best sol

ution to fix everything, so don’t resign too quickly because arguing between lovers is a common thing, and with every honest discussion, your trust is getting better!

Is domination in a relationship healthy?

It’s natural for one person to take on more of a leadership role in a relationship. After all, someone has to make decisions and keep things moving forward. But when one person starts to feel like they’re always the one in charge, it can create tension and resentment.

So is domination healthy for a relationship? It depends. If both people are happy with the dynamic and feel like they’re being treated fairly, then it can work. But if one person feels like they’re always being controlled or bossed around, it’s time to have a talk about changing things up.

Can a man be submissive to a woman?

Some men enjoy the dynamic of being submissive because it allows them to focus on pleasuring their partner without having to worry about taking charge. Others find that Submission helps them tap into a different side of their sexuality that they may be hesitant to explore on their own.

Regardless of the reason, submission can be a highly satisfying experience for both partners involved. If you are interested in exploring this dynamic with your partner, communication is key. Talk about your desires and boundaries beforehand so that everyone is on the same page.

Is being submissive bad?

For example, people who are submissive may have trouble standing up for themselves or asserting their own needs. They may also end up in relationships or situations that are emotionally or physically abusive.

Overall, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to whether being submissive is bad. It depends on the individual and the specific situation. If you’re considering giving up control in any area of your life, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully to make sure you’re making the best decision for yourself.
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