Difference Between Jogging And Running – What’s Better?

There is a lot of rumors out there that jogging and running are the same things, but after many years of running, I can say that there is more into that topic than you tough. If you’re new to running or jogging you probably asked that many times “what’s the difference between jogging and running”, but right now we’ll try to answer that question.

To make it simple you can say that running is an intense form of jogging.

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Jogging aims towards body fitness. The main thing that joggers (people that do jogging) do is move just enough, to the point that they are not considered to be walking. Jogging requires less power from your body than running because they don’t need to raise their legs as high and generate that much speed. Joggers are known to move in a bouncy way than runners because they don’t have to use “the ball” of their feet when landing, to the point that you can call it a totally different style of running like the difference between sitting and lying down.

Jogging is considered to be less than 9mph while running is normally more than that, of course, there is also sprinting. The average sprinting speed of a human is about 15mph, but only for a short amount of time, like 4 minutes, in that time you will be a mile away from a place you did start. Note that this speed is based on athletes, so don’t force yourself. You can make it simple to just think of three levels of this activity. Jogging is the slowest than running, and the fastest will be sprinting. The last one is mostly done by professional athletes, and not just a simple way to burn body fat.

In a few next paragraphs, we’ll get more into those differences between jogging and running.

difference between jogging and running

The origin of jogging

Jogging is the more common way of running, also known as “roadwork”, and it was invented in Europe in the middle of the 17th century somewhere in the united kingdom. It increased in popularity when an Olympic track coach, Dr. Lydiard (New Zealand), said that it can be suggested as a conditioning activity for retired Olympic runners.

What exactly jogging is?

Jogging is a low-intensity activity in which you have to put less energy as compared to sprinting or sprinting. It’s mostly known as a way to burn body fat. When you are jogging, your speed limit should be less than 9mph, after you break that limit you can generally call yourself a runner. But the speed is not the same for every person. Also if you think that jogging is easy you make a huge mistake, for a new person that didn’t do any cardio activities before that, you will get a lot of trouble running for 15 minutes without any break.

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You can breathe properly while jogging, your heart rate should be normal and you can invite someone as a chat partner, that’s a big difference because if you ru

n you probably won’t be able to talk with anyone else. It is an aerobic form of exercise which means you’ll be breathing in oxygen for energy while running at a steady pace, which will able you to talk freely while burning fat. Jogging decreases cortisol levels in the body and is good for overall health, excluding knees but that goes for running and sprinting also.

difference between jogging and running

What exactly running is?

Running is a kind of aerobic exercise but the difference between running and jogging is intensity. As it’s is more intense you will burn more fat from doing that, but the risk of injuries also increases. Running can be used also to tone or remodel your legs and is good for your overall health, but watch out for your knees.

What exactly sprinting is?

This is the most intense way of any kind of running. You’re should force yourself to reach maximum speed. Sprinting is best to cover a short distance. It can also be used as a burning fat method. It’s mostly used by professional athletes, but you can use it as an interval exercise.

Can those types be unhealthy?

If you have any joint problems, you should avoid sprinting, but it depends on your condition. If your condition is serious you should even stop jogging and running also. There are many other sports that you can do instead. If you just want to burn fat there are tons of ways to do that that are even better than those three. If you like the water you can try swimming, that is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, it won’t put that much stress on your joints, and you will also straighten your spine.
After many years of jogging, I’ve switched recently to swimming, and my orthopaedist suggested that in the first place, and now I can recommend it to you.

difference between jogging and running

In summary, what’s the difference between jogging and running?

There are three levels of “running”, the slowest jogging, in the middle is normal running, and the fastest is sprinting. They all will help you to burn fat, but jogging is great if you can do it with your friends to chat with them and grow your relationships. You will be more motivated if you have someone who makes us train further. You should keep in mind that it can be unhealthy for your joints, knees especially. If you ever feel something unusual in your joints, please check your health with an orthopaedist or physiotherapist.

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