How Many Calories Do You Burn Skipping? – (Tips For Beginners)

Skipping is one of those exercises that we have done even as little kids, it looks fun and exhausting, but how many calories do you burn skipping? Because it looks exhausting it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will burn a lot of calories, but we did our research to give you the best answer, how to do it to burn more calories, what’s the most burning calories skipping technique for a jumping rope, and how many calories do you burn skipping per hour. If you want to learn more about it stay with us!

But at first, we will tell you the answer to the article topic and that is: From our research, we took the average statistics and the answer can surprise you but for

every single minute you can burn 5 to 15 calories per minute, so if you do this for 20 minutes then you will burn around 100 to even 300 calories. That way more than walking, cycling, or even jogging. How is that even possible, and how to be at the end of that range, stay with us to learn more.

Skipping rope for weight loss?

Skipping rope is one of the best exercises to burn some calories because you can do it inside your house, in opposition to jogging which you have to do outside if you don’t have a treadmill. Also, the treadmill is very expensive, even the indoor bicycle can cost you a lot, and even sports like climbing can be expensive when it comes to shoes, but on the other hand, we have a skipping rope that costs around 5$ USD if you don’t need anything fancy with counters.

Simple rope can be enough for you but you can also buy a jumping mat for a jumping rope if you live in an apartment to not piss off any of your neighbors. As we said above it is a great way to burn calories because you can do it in your home, and it’s also cheap, but is it effective? Yea it is, not as much as water fasting, but it’s still a good way to burn some unnecessary calories, especially if you take a look at other sports to compare. It will also improve the appearance of your calves and legs overall, so it’s worth it!

How many calories do you burn skipping?

So it depends on how intensive your training is going to be, how many breaks you need, what’s your current weight and how skilled you are. Let’s say that you’re currently overweight but you are motivated to get fit in short term then you will burn a lot more calories than an average person. Because every jump will be much more difficult for you because of the additional weight. In this case, you will burn about 15 calories per minute, so if your average session will be half an hour then it makes 450 calories burned in total.

how many calories do you burn skipping

But if you’re already slim, and really advanced in skipping then that won’t cost you that much of your energy, so in this case, you will burn only about 8 calories per minute, and after 30 minutes it will make up to 240 calories. 

The total average range is 5 to 15 calories per minute, and shouldn’t count into that during your breaks.

Is skipping rope hard?

Almost everyone thinks that is easy because even kids can do that, but you will be surprised how hard it is to do more than 5 jumps. The coordination between your han

ds and legs can be your biggest problem. Learning the proper timing needed to jump over the rope can be the key to skipping rope.

If faster you’re going to spin the rope then it’s going to get harder to jump over because the time frame for you to jump again is going to get shorter, s

o make sure to start slowly. Kids are a lot smaller than we are, and they practice their agility almost every day, on the other hand as an adult you don’t do too much to train your agility.

How to get better at skipping rope?

If you have already started or you’re just decided to do some rope jumps, then we have a few pro tips for skipping rope.

  • Length of the rope matters – The rope you’re going to use should be the correct length, otherwise, you will have a hard time practicing with it. So what’s the correct length for a skipping rope? It depends on your height, but we can easily check if the length is good. Just step on the middle of the rope with your foot, then take both handles to your hands and stretch the rope to your chest. If the beginning of the rope is just slightly above your abs then that is the correct length.
  • Avoid too much swing – That is related to your arms and shoulders as well, try to focus the spin only on your hands, otherwise, it will be hard to reach some speed with the lowest energy consumption.
  • Foot on the toes every jump – Your power to jump should be generated from your foot, and not from full leg strength, try to use only your toes, like walking in high heels. That should be less exhausting to maintain for a longer period of time.
  • Lower your arms – You should spin the rope in the middle center of your body, because when you rotate that rope, then you will get the same length above you as below you. Try to keep your handles slightly above your hips, that should give you enough space to jump over and not hit yourself from above.
  • Don’t jump too high – It comes with time, but after a few skipping sessions you will notice that you don’t have to jump that high just to jump over that 0.3-inch wide rope. Even the slightest jump will be enough to get over it, and that will make you consume less energy for the next jump. Be relaxed and try to keep your jumps as small as possible.
  • The rhythm is the key – Getting into your own rhythm can be hard at first, so try to stay calm and silent when you start, just to hear that sound of rope cutti
    ng the air, and rope hitting the ground, that will let you adjust to the rope. It will teach you how you should treat every sound, that way your body will adapt faster.

All of those above are tips for beginners but, none of the beginners will be able to do them at their first session or even at 5th, so remember that practice will give you the skills. You can be good at something after a few 20 minutes of sessions, so keep practicing and eventually, you will reach your goals.

Can adults do skipping rope?

Of course, they can! It isn’t something just for kids, many athletes do rope jumping because it benefits your full body. It’s one of the hardest exercises that involve your full body, and also it helps you to focus on simple tasks and coordination when you have to spin that rope at the same pace, but also watch to jump over it. It will increase your agility and perception.

In summary – how many calories do you burn skipping?

Skipping rope calories lost is even worth it? It will depend on your training and current weight, but on average, you can take 10 calories per minute to make it easy. It’s not going to be easy on the first try, but don’t give up and try to do it tomorrow as well! For me, it took 5 sessions to get used to the rope. Here is the study that we mostly based on the knowledge in this article, as well as other sports articles and studies, that way we came up with the average results and jumping rope benefits. 

Overall, skipping is great! It help me burn my fat a lot, but at the same time I also tried the fruitarian diet, so those two gave me the results I ever wanted!

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