How Muscular Can A Woman Get Naturally? – (Examples and Statistics)

Are you interested in building muscle mass or just being fit but you’re worried that you can overdo it? Or you are just curious how muscular can a woman get naturally and what’s the limit? If you currently working hard at the gym but have some worries about your current muscle mass then don’t worry too much because we will answer all of your questions.

Based on many studies unfortunately women can’t get as muscular as men do without the use of any additional supplements. Women’s potential for natural mus

cularity is less than men’s. It is most dependent on the bone structure to support our muscle mass and our brain won’t exceed those limits. According to David Epstein’s studies, we will say that in women’s case, the ratio is 1:4.1 which means 1 pound of bone can hold up to 4.1 pounds of muscle mass. For men, it’s slightly higher about 1:5 which means a single pound of muscle mass will hold up to 5 pounds of muscle mass. If you want to know more about then stay with us.

Unfortunately, Men have a higher muscle mass limit and they also build muscles faster. This is because guys have more testosterone which is mainly a male hormone and that hormone is responsible for building muscles. Since women have naturally less testosterone they build muscles at a slower pace, and the muscle mass limit is also lower. That is why it’s hard for women to gain muscles but that’s the reason for this article, to give you girls hope! So stay with us and learn “how to calculate my muscle mass limit for women” which will give you an overall look at your current situation.

muscle mass limit

How to calculate my muscle mass limit for women

To be precise you will have to use special and expensive equipment to measure your bone structure, but don’t give up we have another solution for you. On average our bones make up about 15% of a person’s total body weight until that person is in the normal BMI range. So let’s say you’re in the normal BMI range and your current weight is 130 pounds of total body weight, so 15% of that number will be around 19.5 pounds and that is your total bone structure weight. If we take that 1:4.1 ratio that will give us around 80 pounds of pure muscle mass.

Remember that we still talk about natural methods, because that limit can be easily exceeded with additional support like supplements and steroids. Note that you already have some muscle mass even if you don’t see it. The average muscle mass percentage for women are:

AgeTotal percentage of muscle mass
How to calculate my muscle mass limit for women

Find yourself in one of those ranges and calculate, for our 130 pounds average girl let’s take 31% which will give us around 40 pounds of muscle mass already inside your body, so you can naturally get additional 40 pounds. Remember that muscles are also things like a hearth. So that additional 40 pounds will be way more than double your current muscle mass if you’re an average girl.

Here you can buy a full book created by David Epstein and his studies if you want to know more about this approach to calculating muscle mass.

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Don’t want to use steroids

There are many ways to achieve your goals and If you don’t want to use steroids then there are some safe solutions for you. Here is what you can do to boost up

your muscle gaining process:

  • Eat more protein – Even if you will eat more than enough you won’t hurt yourself but it will give some safety caps because there won’t be situations where your muscles can’t grow cause of lack of protein.
  • Decrease time to rest between every set – If you are currently about 100 seconds before the next set, then your muscles won’t fatigue that much which means that they won’t need to rebuild after the session. Make sure that your muscles are working hard and lower that rest even to 30 seconds.
  • Sleep more – Your muscles need proteins to rebuild after a hard workout, but they also need time and sleeping is great for that. During sleep, your body starts to boost the rebuilding processes. Prove that there is a study from American Medical Association, that calculated the testosterone when you sleep for 5 and 8 hours, and with that lower number, your body will cut muscle-building testosterone level even by 15% percent. Also, the quality of your sleep is important so check out our article about this topic.
  • Try using creatine – Creatine is considered to be a safe supplement with only a few side effects reported so far, but creatine has some consequences like gaining weight because of water retention in your body’s muscles.
  • Drink more water – Water deficit can be the thing that prevents your muscle mass from growing. When you work out you sweat a lot, so your daily water supply should be way higher. Water is necessary to build muscles.
  • You should eat unprocessed food like fruits and vegetables – Most of them are low-calorie, and they have a lot of necessary minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Also, vegetables are high in fiber which helps digestion.
how muscular can a woman get naturally
How muscular can a woman get naturally?

In summary – How muscular can a woman get naturally?

It depends on your current body metrics like height or total bone structure weight that can support that muscle mass. Note that your body needs to hold up those muscl

es and more important your bones need to endure the stress generated with those muscles, like lifting. Women, unfortunately, have less potential in gaining muscle mass, and also the limit is way lower than the average man, the muscle mass limit is also in favor of men.

If you wonder what men are saying about muscular women take a look at our new article “Do men find muscular women attractive?” Where we asked men many specific questions about this topic. You will also find there a chart of positive and negative answers to that question.

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