Is Doing 50 Curl Ups A Day Good? – (Calories and Results)

Everyone wants to stay fit, it’s hardly possible to find people who would say that they would like to avoid being fit. When our body is in shape then our health condition is also getting better, which nowadays is unfortunately still a problem for many of us. Often we don’t have much time to exercise so many of us wonder if doing 50 curl ups a day is good enough.

Curl ups are perfect exercises if you want to lose some additional body fat and also build muscles, but doing 50 curl ups a day will definite

ly let you burn some calories which will result in losing body fat, but it might be not enough to build muscle mass. It highly depends on your current body build and the quality of your curl ups, later I will show you a full table where you will be able to see if your goal are real.

Are 50 curl ups a day not enough?

If you decided to do 50 curl ups a day that is a very good sign because that means that you want to do something positive for your body but doing 50 curl ups is not a lot for most people. It highly depends on your current body mass, so if you are overweight then a single curl up can be very exhausting and it will also burn way more calories than a single curl up of a person who is in the normal range of BMI.

Is Doing 50 Curl Ups A Day Good?
Is Doing 50 Curl Ups A Day Good?

50 curl ups can be divided into 5 sets of around 10 curl ups each. Most people do a single curl up in around 3 seconds so a single set of 10 curl ups will take about 30 seconds. After every set you should take from 30 to 90 seconds to rest before starting another set, so doing 50 curl ups a day will take you around 5 minutes in total which is not a lot.

We highly recommend you add more different types of exercises into your workout routine. Because the fastest way of showing your abs is losing your belly fat.

What are the results after doing 50 curl ups a day?

Curl ups are going to help you build muscle mass and also lose some fat. Even doing 50 curl ups a day can give you a lot of great results, but the most important thing will be how many days are you going to repeat this process.

Because doing it for only a week won’t change your look drastically, but doing it for a few months will definitely change your appearance. Even an easy workout routine can get you into shape if you are consistent enough! Remember that you have to burn more calories than you intake to see any changes in your total weight. Doing it consistently for a few months can let you expose your abs or make your legs look stronger. Burning calories is the fastest way to expose your abs.

How many calories you might burn doing curl ups?

We prepared a calorie table of curl ups below that will give you the overall perspective of how many calories you will be able to burn while doing cu

rl ups. I divided the table by the person’s weight to give you more details.

WeightCalories burned per minute of curl ups
Underweight4 calories
Normal weight6 calories
Overweight8 calories
Calories burned while doing curl ups

Note that weight is based on the BMI range, and also calories above are based on good quality curl ups. So if you do 50 curl ups a day and yo

u do them in 5 sets of 10 and do them all in 2 minutes 30 seconds then that means that you are burning around 15 calories per day. It’s not a lot but if you will do it consistently for one month then you will lose around 450 calories in total which could be compared to a small meal.

If you would like to burn more calories while doing curl ups then you have a lot of potential options:

  • Slowing down curl ups – Slowing down every single curl up can make it way harder for you, which ends up in burning more calories.
  • Doing more sets of curl ups
  • Adding more different exercises to your workout routine

Are curl ups safe?

We should avoid injuries, but there is no 100% guarantee that you are able to avoid them. Curl ups are one of the safest exercises due to their simplicity and the fact that your obstacle is only your body’s weight, so your body should be already used to its weight.

If you are worried about your joints then you should definitely consider working out on slightly softer flooring like for example fitness mats, to reduce the pressure that is put on your joints while doing curl ups. Also falling on that fitness mat is very likely to prevent you from most injuries.

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