Why Is Climbing So Fun? – (Is It Dangerous?)

There are many factors that pull us into practice climbing, and today we will discuss why is climbing so fun. Everyone is different but climbing in recent years has gained popularity, and now many of our friends want to know how or why is climbing so fun. If you are one of those people that want to know why, then let me as a person that climbs for 2 years now, answer that question.

As a quick answer to “why is climbing so fun”. Climbing is fun because of it gives you the possibility to overcome your limits, develop muscl

es, and lose weight. Those are the main factors and we will try to describe them later in our article so stay with us if that quick answer is not enough for you.

If you are afraid of heights there is climbing on lower structures like boulders, and that’s called bouldering. You can do it indoors and many prefer that way because you don’t have to prepare that much for every session, you just grab your climbing shoes and hit the gym. Bouldering routes in general aren’t higher than 5 meters and there is always a mattress on the floor for your safety. You don’t have any climbing gear besides your shoes and chalk… and of course your legs and arms, that’s all. We also have a great article about bouldering so make sure to check it out.

Is climbing a dangerous sport?

As human beings, we should avoid risk as much as possible but, nowadays where we live in a society, and our safe apartments we just don’t have as much of a risk every day as our predecessors did. So our bodies still have something in them, that wants to get some adrenaline, you know like we sometimes want to see a horror movie just to be scared.

Why Is Climbing So Fun?
Why Is Climbing So Fun?

It is similar when it comes to climbing, we want to feel some adrenaline, and fight for our lives. Of course, when you climb are 100% protected by climbing gear like ropes and expresses, but still, it is scary to do some movement on a flat wall a few meters above the ground.

People need sometimes that feeling of being scared and climbing is a sport that can give it to you, and there are not that many sports with those features, think of jogging, cycling, or even swimming, those sports don’t have that scarcity factor.

Can climbing make me less afraid of heights?

Many people just live their life day by day, doing their jobs, and home duties, when they don’t have to prove themselves that they’re worth something. How to prove to yourself that you achieved something great with your body? If you do a few kilometers jog will that make you feel that you achieved something? Of course but not every day, you will feel that’s your routine, especially if you do this in the same location every time you jog. That won’t give you that dopamine afterward.

Overcoming your limits in climbing will be done in almost every session. That’s the essence of climbing, to overcome your limits. After 

armbeautify.com/health/stretching-before-or-after-workout" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">the warmup, you will have to take some risks and go for harder routes to improve your skills. Routes that are too hard for you or will force you to use every ounce of power to complete them. After you finish that route you will get a dopamine boost, and feel that excitement of completion, especially if you have struggled many times with that route.

That will make you happy for the rest of your day, you will feel the need of overcoming your limits and the idea that “if you force yourself enough then you can

achieve almost everything” and it is a huge advantage for the rest of the activities that we do in our daily routine.

Can climbing let me build muscle mass?

If you’re getting bored at the gym with doing your schedule you know 10 reps of that, 15 of something else, to make any progress in building your muscle mass, then climbing is a great way for you to get some muscles and don’t get that feeling of boredom. I hope that I can prove to you why climbing is so fun. There are tens of climbing routes at your local climbing gym, and everyone is different, on a different level of difficulty, also with different problems to solve, and trying to solve that problem will keep you bored. 

If you have ever heard of calisthenic, it is similar to climbing. Its fundamentals are to pull up your body mass. If you think that’s easy then climbing has a lot of surprises for you like climbing horizontally or even climbing at a ceiling. That will make your muscles work hard, especially those muscles that you didn’t even know exist. Climbing focuses mostly on the upper and core muscles, unfortunately for the legs, so be prepared so that your legs won’t have a lot of surfaces to stand on.


Can I lose weight doing climbing?

What sport can be better for losing weight than a sport that is basically based on your body weight? Climbing and bouldering force you to lose your body weight to get better at it. As in every other sport, it will make you burn some calories but this one changes your way of looking at additional body fat. That will turn your brain to find a way to lose some fat because you have to finish that route you started yesterday, and maybe if you lose a pound or two you will be able to finish it.

But what if losing body weight will make you lose some muscle mass? There is a solution for that, and we have a full article related to this topic here. Also, rockclimbernews.com recently added an article about rock climbing for weight loss.

In summary – why is climbing so fun?

Everyone is different, but until this day it took 5 of my friends to a bouldering gym for one session to try it, and 4 of them are doing it even today. I hope that this article proved to you why is climbing so fun, because it’s a fantastic sport for everyone, even if you’re short like me or if you just want to lose some body fat. Remember that if you’re afraid of heights then try bouldering instead. Try it and you won’t regret it!

Do people enjoy climbing?

While some people may view climbing as a difficult and dangerous activity, others find joy in conquering new heights. For many, the challenge of scaling a rock face or cliff is exhilarating and provides a sense of accomplishment. The physical and mental benefits of climbing are well documented, making it a popular hobby for people of all ages.

Can climbing make you gain muscles?

Yes, climbing can help you build muscle. By working against gravity, climbing requires your muscles to generate force, which in turn can lead to gains in muscle size

and strength. In addition, because climbing is a full-body activity, it can help you develop muscular balance and symmetry.

So if you’re looking to bulk up or simply want to become a more well-rounded athlete, consider adding some rock climbing to your training regime.

Can I lose body fat while climbing?

With a little bit of planning and effort, it is possible to lose body fat while climbing. The key is to focus on eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods that will give you the energy you need to climb without causing your calorie intake to skyrocket.

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