Why My Boyfriend Won’t Let Me Go To The Gym?

The time has finally come to make huge decisions in your life and one of them is going to a gym to make the best out of your body. The perfect fit body that you have been dreaming of is in your reach, motivation is high, the only thing that’s left is to get to the gym, but what if you have a big problem and that is “Why my boyfriend won’t let me go to the gym?”. Your boyfriend is the only person in the entire world that you should respect and listen to what he says, but what if you totally disagree with him, and the topic you’re arguing about is your body?

There are many reasons why your boyfriend won’t let you go to the gym, some of them can seem to you as stupid, but from his perspective, they can be reasonable:

  • If you go to the gym alone, then there will be a lot of men looking at you, and some of them can even approach you.
  • If you will get into shape you will be more attractive and other men will try to steal you from your boyfriend.
  • Maybe he doesn’t like fit women, and doesn’t want you to get any more muscular.
  • Sometimes the reason can be smaller than you think like financial issues, or he wants to go with you together.
why my boyfriend won't let me go to the gym
Why my boyfriend won’t let me go to the gym?

We will tell you how you can check what is the reason in your case, and the ways for you to explain why it’s so important for you or why he simply can’t forbid you from doing that.

Is my boyfriend envious of me?

One of the reasons why he doesn’t want to let you go to the gym can be simple envy. Your boyfriend can think about other guys that will be training around you a

t the gym, what if they will try “giving you advice” or worse “show you how you can do this”, in his mind that is really hard to accept.

In the worst-case scenario, he can think about all those muscular men that are there to flex their muscles and show you how better they are than he is

trong>. The men tend to like muscular women according to our last street interview, make sure to check it out.

Being envious is normal in human nature especially when it comes to the thing or people that we love, so envy is not always a bad thing, maybe he just cares about you and he doesn’t want to lose you. It’s important to not get angry at him because he can prohibit you from going to the gym simply due to his love for you.

Are you sure that you’re not going to look around for someone guys at the gym? If you are sure about that then try to show it to him, and if you make him believe you then he should let you go to the gym, but how can you convince him.

How can I convince him to let me go to the gym?

At first, you should convince yourself that you are going to the gym simply to make your body more fit or burn some fat, rather than looking at guys out there. Make yourself 100% sure, because otherwise it can be really bad for your relationship, and if you believe yourself then you are halfway to success.

Now it’s time to think about ways that you can convince him and change his mind:

  • Tell him that you won’t wear revealing outfits – If you want to buy a gym outfit that will show your abs or back then that will make your boyfriend less convinced. That is a way to attract other men to look at you. We know that you want to show your results, but that will make your relationship weaker. So wear a full outfit, a normal long t-shirt with leggings. You are not going to the gym for a competition, and only to make your body stronger and save your progress for your boyfriend. Tell him that you won’t use any revealing outfit, and that should make him less worried.
  • Ask him to go come you – Maybe he will come a few times and stop at some point, but you will have an opportunity to show how it will look. That you won’t look around for a new man. Even if you know that he won’t come with you that should show him that you are sure about your goals.
  • Tell him how important that is for you – For now, he just knows that you want to go to the gym and that there are other men, but if you c
    an prove it to him that your motives are pure, and that will benefit both of you, because you will have a strong body, and he will have a beautify fit girl. Sometimes simple talk can change everything so try as many times as needed and convince him that you know what you are doing, but avoid arguing at any cost.
  • Get a personal trainer – Personal trainer is a great solution if you have enough money because it can be expensive like 50$ USD for a single training, but your boyfriend should know that he or she is a total professionalist, that will make you busy there at the gym, and it will be even better if you get a woman as your personal trainer. They are professionalists and they’re making it for money so they will focus on your body, rather than letting you look out for guys, that should convince your boyfriend.
how can I convince him to let me go to the gym
How can I convince him to let me go to the gym?

Who knows maybe he’s into muscular girls but he doesn’t know it yet and after a few weeks he will highly appreciate that you convinced him in the past. There are also things that you have to know, like how to train properly, or how muscular you can get, so check out our articles about it.

In conclusion – Why my boyfriend won’t let me go to the gym?

There are many reasons why he won’t let you go to the gym but the most important one is envy, so try to use some of our advice and convince him that your motives are pure and you will be focused on your body and not the others. Remember that you are a couple so you have to trust each other, and trust is the most important factor in every relationship, so simple conversation is the best way to convince him.

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