Wide Squats Benefits – (How To Get Better Results?)

Most women are looking for ways to improve their look, and one of those ways is to improve how your ass will look in those tight leggings. For that, we often hear about “squats”, but there are some special types that you can do to get a different look. And there is an exercise called “wide squats” that has been hyped in recent years, but what are wide squats benefits?

There are many benefits from wide squats like: 

  • Less knee and back stress
  • Lower chances of injury
  • Increased glute activation
  • More power from the legs
  • Burning more calories

Those are just short examples of benefits, we will describe them and also show you that they are better than normal squats, so stay with us to learn more, but for now

, let’s start with a simple explanation.

What are wide squats?

Wide squats are similar to normal squats but wi your legs set wide apart, that way will let you train different muscles. The wide squats will give you the best option

for training the hips in all of the three planes of motion. The wide squats are achieved with a posterior tracking of the hips, which leads to a greater hip extension to stand up with your weight.

In 2021 we could see a trend that more programs start to focus more on hip strength. The goal of wide squats is muscular and strength development, not increased functional movement like when you do normal squats. Also, it can help you develop a stable posture by increasing the hip joint power to stabilize your body through your spine.

wide squats benefits

What are the benefits of wide squats?

As we said above, this time we’ll get into details to convince you how good are the wide squats:

  • Less knee and back stress – That exercise forces your body to take a more vertical shin position, and that gives your knee and back a lot less stress.
  • Lower chances of injury – When you set your legs apart your position is way more stable, so even if you put additional weight to do wide squats, then you won’t fall that easily.
  • Increased glute activation – Greater posterior displacement of the hips is the key to making your glutes work harder and get bigger
  • More power from legs – Wide squats let you use more muscles, and when you have more muscles to use then you can produce a lot more power, and the more likely they are to grow.
  • Burning more calories – With more muscle usage comes more calories burned in a single squat.
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Why do we do squats?

This exercise is mainly focusing on your thighs with buttocks, but if we are going to do that correctly then there will be a lot more muscles involved in that exercise like:

  • Adductor
  • Calves
  • Abs
  • Hip flexors

The thighs are made of hamstrings on the front of the thigh and from the back there are quadriceps. Also for the buttocks, you will use the gluteus, medius, minimus, and Maximus, those are the professional names of the muscles.

As you can see there are a lot of muscles involved in this simple exercise, and most women do that to look better in tight leggings, and yea it’s one of the fastest exercises to grow those muscles. You can use some additional weight when you do the squats to increase the results, like dumbells. That way will let you burn a lot more calories, not as much as water fasting but still a lot.

Why are squats so common?

Squats can be done almost anywhere, even at your house. You won’t need any exercise mat or dumbells to do a basic type of squats. Squats are a simple form of training where you can’t do many mistakes, and also it has a low risk of injury. You don’t need to take lessons on “how to do a squat” it’s that simple, and because of that simplicity you will likely start to feel those muscles that you want to develop faster. There have been numerous studies about various stances with squats, where we can see how easy and common is this exercise.

In summary – wide squats benefits?

I hope we convinced you to try wide squats with our benefits list. Even if we didn’t convince you, wide squats can help you to spice up your gym routine, try to mix those exercises with normal basic squats to not get bored quickly.

That exercise will help you get bigger glutes also with stronger and more visible thighs. You can compare those exercises with normal basis squats and see which one will make you work harder and fatigue your legs faster!

If you’re bored of a normal gym routine then try sports that will also make your body stronger like bouldering.

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